Open Debate as Anti-Jewish Hatred

Published: 1993-08-15

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Below an article headlined "Holocaust Denial Seen Gaining Ground," an AP dispatch reports:

"Activity [by revisionists] has stepped up in recent years, as television and radio talk show hosts have given people who dispute the Holocaust air time.

"Last year, Bradley Smith, who heads a group called Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust, placed ads in student newspapers at Cornell, Duke, Michigan and Northwestern [and a dozen other—ed.] universities suggesting that the Holocaust was fabricated, stirring up controversy over freedom of speech and hate messages."

The article then quotes David Singer, research director for the non-partisan American Jewish Committee: "Holocaust denial is not about historical truth. It is about anti-Jewish hatred as part of a political agenda—and must be confronted as such."

The Los Angeles Times, 7 May 1993

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Title: Open Debate as Anti-Jewish Hatred
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Published: 1993-08-15
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