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Published: 1998-02-01

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When we moved from Visalia to Baja Mexico last summer, I mentioned that everyone came, Irene and me, Paloma, Grandma, the birds, our dog Katy, and Pete the cat. Several people mentioned they would like to see a photo of Pete. No one mentioned Grandma or Katy. So here’s Pete. The kid? Paloma, just before we left Visalia.

Portrait of Pete

Portrait of Pete

PRESS CLIPPINGS—a reminder that relevant press clippings, particularly those mentioning the Campus Project or the JDL/Cole scandal are wanted—urgently. Here in Baja the press is not particularly interested in what interests us. NAMES—my sincere thanks to those of you who have sent me new names over the last few months of individuals who you believe might be interested in receiving information about Smith’s Report, CODOHWeb, and the Campus Project. Names are the name of the game. Have I said that before?

ONE LAST TIME! — please check your record of contributions. We have finally worked out the “trailing” program for our computer to remind SR readers who we have not heard from for 11 months that we really must hear from you now. Thanks to all of you self-starters who have done this for me over the last few months. I appreciate it. I expect this will be the last time I will print this special plea here.

BUSINESS EXPENSES. Over the last 30 days these include: telephone $474; editorial & research $600; merchandise $535; office and shipping expenses $570; printing $750; postage $846—for a total of $3,775. All those funds came from contributions—from SR readers and contributors. There is no other place to get it, no other people contributing. This isn’t a project that the MacArthur or Ford Foundations will sustain. We are on our own. One day it will most likely be different, but for the present, we’re on our own. Your help is appreciated. With you, I can do it.

Without you?—not a chance!


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Published: 1998-02-01
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