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Published: 1998-05-01

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When I badly need a telephone number to call a man in Colorado, where do I turn? The Institute for Historical Review. We have need of a ten-year-old photo of smiling Simon-Wiesenthal-Center rabbis yaking it up with Nazi “war criminal” Kurt Waldheim for a SR story. I call IHR and a few days later I get a good copy of the photo in the mail. I need materials on Simon Wiesenthal himself for our lead in SR 53. Need I say it? I get on the horn to Mark Weber at IHR and when I appear at the get-together last month where David Irving and Costas Zaverdinos spoke, Mark hands me a large envelope with the asked-for documents. I don’t mention any of this in the relevant issues of SR. Poor form. I’m mentioning it now. This support (the above is only the tip of the iceberg) is invaluable.

I suppose the place where I fail most often with SR readers is with my neglect of your correspondence, telephone calls, email communications. I don’t neglect these purposefully, the problem is that all together they add up to more than I can handle. I have even failed to thank some of you who have sent me unusually generous contributions, which is not only bad manners but—as Proust would have it—“really too stupid” (a little stupidity in such matters may be acceptable, but there must be a limit). I am fortunate in having a tremendous amount of help from people all over the world (literally), but it looks like the time has come to find someone to help me here in my office, in our home. This involves several problems, including how to pay him, but the time has come.

Thanks for your help, and best wishes,


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Published: 1998-05-01
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