Outlaw History #1

Welcome to the First Issue of "Outlaw History, The Newsletter"
Published: 2004-09-09

Welcome to the first issue of Outlaw History, the Newsletter. Outlaw History will update you on what I do to encourage the decriminalization of World War II history in Europe, Canada, Australia, and Israel, and help prevent the criminalization of that history in the United States.

The special focus for me, as it has been from the beginning, is the taboo against open debate on the Holocaust story. That is at the core of the intellectual and cultural impasse where we Americans find ourselves today.

Without an open debate on the Holocaust story there can be no significant debate on the role of the United States in the history of the 20th century, which has been catastrophic for all concerned. Without full disclosure to the public, in the light of day, of how the Holocaust story was generated, institutionalized, and exploited – unrelentingly – there can be no significant debate about the U.S. alliance with Israel, and no public understanding of one of the primary issues sparking the growing conflict between Muslims and the West.

Without an open debate on World War II, and the real fate of the Jews in Europe during the Hitlerian regime, there will be no public understanding of what "terrorism" is and isn't, or how it has been legitimated by the very governments, particularly the American government, that today claim the right to initiate pre-emptive wars to fight against it.

There is not a great deal that I can do about any of this. I'm a simple writer with no political connections, no organization, no money, and I'm getting old. Nevertheless, we all feel that we would like to do what we can to make things better. If not for everyone, for some. If not for always, for awhile.

For some reason, memory just recalled Plato. Probably Socrates. I have no idea why. Or how. Twenty-four centuries ago. We still read him. I haven't read him in thirty, maybe forty years. He was a wonderful guy – Plato/Socrates. What a story he was. What did it all come to? I have no idea. Here we are, making the same errors of judgment, committing the same stupid, brutal acts, evading the same questions that the little homunculus warned us against.

"Know thyself." Not very goddamned likely.

My original Web page for Break His Bones was hijacked on 28 April by a third party for what I suppose are "political" reasons. The ISP was Hostway (www.hostway.co.uk). Hostway has been no help whatever in straightening out the matter, going so far as to continue charging me through August for the site even though it was in the hands of a third party hijacker/s.

In any event, we have changed the URL for Break His Bones from (.com) to (.org) – that is, to www. breakhisbones.org. As of this writing there are about nine or ten people on the planet who are aware of this. For the rest of the world, Bones.org does not exist. [This site is defunct now. See the above link for the book on this site; ed]

I will add material to bones.org as we move along, contributing to the "human face" of those who question, and believe it proper to question, the gas chamber stories, the U.S. alliance with Israel, and the taboo against questioning either – which is the taboo against intellectual freedom itself. Today. In the 21st century.

Re www. outlawhistory.com: this site has been offline as well. It should be up by the time you have this message. As of this date it contains our primary document, a "Statement of Principle," and a link to a revisionist discussion group. Documents will be added to the site treating with the criminalization of World War II history, primarily by European governments and their English-speaking offspring. [This site is defunct now as well. All documents are now in the CODOH library; ed]

Re www.codoh.com : this site is down temporarily so that we can clean it up. Last count it had 7,300 broken links. Maybe in December it will begin to return to life.

Outlaw History – the Newsletter, will be issued several times a month. It will keep you up to date on what I am doing to take revisionist arguments to the public, and to overturn the criminalization of revisionist arguments by those who fear that intellectual freedom will undermine their business – the multi-billion dollar business that professor Norman Finkelstein has named "The Holocaust Industry."

Professor Finkelstein lost his job over that one. He was run out of New York City and is now at DePaul University in Chicago. I pray (to coin a phrase) that the Catholics keep good care of him. He's worth it.

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Title: Outlaw History #1, Welcome to the First Issue of "Outlaw History, The Newsletter"
Published: 2004-09-09
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