Outlaw History #18

Congressman Tom Lantos, Elie Wiesel, and the Exploitation of the Auschwitz Story
Published: 2004-12-16

Secretary General Kofi Annan has begun to poll U.N. General Assembly members in an effort to convene a special commemorative session to mark the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Nazi concentration camps. It just never ends.

We are reminded that Soviet Red Army troops freed the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland on January 27, 1945. The 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz is to be observed in 2005 as Holocaust Memorial Day.

A majority of the 191-member of the General Assembly will have to approve the January session, requested by the United States and supported by Russia, France, Hungary, Canada and the Netherlands, representing the 25-member European Union as well as other nations.

Most nations in the West will support the commemorative session, while most if not all Muslim nations will vote against it. One thing that distinguishes the two cultures is that Arabs and Muslims are allowed the right to question the gas chamber fraud, and thus the Holocaust story itself, while everywhere in the West it is taboo, and in much of the West a crime against the State punishable by prison.

So one practical result of such a commemoration will be to further institutionalize the Auschwitz lie. The Auschwitz lie, or as we refer to it in the 21st century, the German WMD fraud about homicidal gassing chambers, was in turn exploited to morally justify the imposition of a radical Jewish state in the middle of a sea of Arab Muslims. Was that a good idea or what?

The logic of such reasoning, as it is taught universally in our colleges and universities, is irrefutable. Because the Germans treated the Jews in Europe very badly during WWII, it was morally irrefutable that Jews had the right to invade Palestine, drive out the local wogs, take the land for themselves, and kill anyone who protested. If such behavior was correct in the Old Testament days, it must be correct in ours. Irrefutable. If you do try to refute it, your goose is cooked. Try it.

A few days before the Soviets liberated Auschwitz, our future Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel and his father were both still in Auschwitz. Elie's father was sick and in the camp hospital. He was being nursed back to health by the Satanic Germans. It was probably an oversight. Even demons can make serious mistakes.

Elie himself had been hospitalized earlier on and had been fixed up, so he understood the quality of care that Hitler's Satanic nurses and doctors were willing to provide to Jews so that they could be exterminated in the gas chambers. Hitler's little devils certainly didn't want to murder Jews who were not clean-limbed and in good health.

In the event, the Germans notified the hospital inmates that the Soviets would soon be at the gates. Those patients who could walk were free to choose, either to wait to be liberated by the heroes of the working class, or they could leave with the anti-Jewish, genocidal racists who were nursing them back to health. Elie convinced his father that they should avoid Josef Stalin's people, and go with those who had pledged their allegiance to Adolf Hitler, to the extermination of such folk as he and his father, and all others who resembled them throughout the universe. It was a no-brainer for Elie Wiesel. He and his father would go with Adolf Hitler's people.

On a clear day. Those words just sounded in the back of my brain, or wherever words do sound. On a clear day. It's a lyric. Barbara Streisand may have sung it in a movie in a hotel room without a view. Maybe not. Why would the brain produce these words at this moment? I don't know. I also saw a scene of snow in a forest. First I heard the words, then I saw the scene. I'm searching. On a clear day. Okay. On a clear day we can see the future? It's just too corny.

Now I realize that what I saw, as opposed to what I heard, was a scene in a forest where snow covers the ground and the branches of the trees. It was winter when Elie was forced to choose between the commies and the Nazis. Maybe if I looked into the story there was snow on the ground when Auschwitz was evacuated. In my mind's eye, whatever that is, I see that it is a beautiful winter day, clear and sparkling. Elie and his father are in for a difficult journey. But they are with the people they trust most. Germans.

At that time, Elie was a kid, innocent of all wrongdoing. Later on, he developed into what he is now. Sometimes when I think about Elie, I wonder how his one son thinks of him. Does Elie understand the corner he is putting his son into? Elie will pass out of this earthly life without having to answer to his actions. But his son will live on, and if he doesn't hide from it, every year he will have to face revelations about how his father betrayed him in public with his lies, his ill-will, his crazy Jewish chauvinism, his promotion of the claim that Germans were uniquely monstrous, exploiting for personal gain the very real catastrophe that his Jews suffered during WWII.

That little aside doesn't add anything to what I am doing here. A professional writer would cut it. I'm lurching all over the place. I'd rather be a lurcher than a lecher. Okay. Okay. If puns are out of place anywhere, they are out of place here. No more puns. Where does this stuff come from? It's how the brain works. We hear things, see things, and keep most of it to ourselves. It's the sensible thing to do. We can all agree about that. Moving on, then.

U.S. Congressman Tom Lantos, a California Democrat and the only Holocaust survivor to ever serve in the U.S. Congress, has told Kofi Annan that some Arab nations have raised objections to the commemorative session. Lantos is appalled by this. He says that it reflects a degree of "historical and mindless venom which is difficult to justify."

Still, a commemorative session on the Holocaust would mark a change for the General Assembly, which sets aside several days a year for resolutions on the rights of Palestinians and Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Israeli-Firsters believe that the General Assembly has been out of control with its biased sentiments for the colonized in Palestine, rather than for the colonizers.

Tom Lantos, being a Jew and a committed Israeli-Firster, finds it difficult to put himself into the shoes of an Arab. I can understand that. There are some Arabs who find it difficult to put themselves into the shoes of the Israeli-Firsters who want to go on colonizing Arab land against the wishes of the people who live there. I can understand that too.

Revisionist arguments regarding Auschwitz and the gas chamber fraud are widely written about in the Arab and Muslim press. What this means to those folk is that the moral justification for the Jewish invasion and colonization of Arab land is based on a historic lie. There were no gas chambers. The Jews were not the victims of a genocidal plot. Adolf Hitler was not a Satanic figure (just as Saddam is not), and that the entire Israeli enterprise is based on a mountain of fraud and greed.

Haaretz, the Israeli daily, tells us that Tom Lantos survived the Holocaust by serving as a 15-year-old messenger for Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who saved tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews near the end of World War II.

Tens of thousands may be something of an exaggeration, but Wallenberg did do some work there. Tom Lantos was probably associated with the work in some way. It's difficult to know with these survivor folk. They feel free to say whatever comes to them. They will never be challenged, even for obvious lies. Nevertheless, we have good reason to believe that Lantos has deep personal reasons to feel as he does about Jews and Israel, and about Arabs and Israel. This kind of pandemic personal chauvinism is only human.

Wallenberg, it turns out, is the uncle of Nane Annan, the Swedish wife of the secretary-general. What is this? Networking?

In any event, the liberation of Auschwitz will probably be commemorated in a special General Assembly session. Congressman Tom Lantos, who I have never done any work on, but who I suppose is relatively more truthful than Elie Wiesel, will be pleased that Jews are once again commemorated for having been victims. Lantos will not push for a similar commemoration for the catastrophe that befell the Palestinians upon their conquest by European Jews. Why should he?

Israeli-Firsters are not in the business of commemorating the catastrophes of those who are not Jews. They are in the business of using commemorations to increase their own influence in American culture and American politics. They are into increasing their share of the world's wealth. It's working very nicely. The U.S. alliance with Israel is never questioned. Tens of billions of dollars have been collected from American taxpayers and given to the Israelis – the destroyers of Palestine and Palestinian culture. The way Israeli-Firsters look at it, if it's not broken, you don't fix it.

Three cheers, then, for the Auschwitz fraud.

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Published: 2004-12-16
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