Outlaw History #21

The New European Order (Nuevo Ordine Europeo)
Published: 2004-12-21

The below letter by Guillaume Fabien (Trieste, Italy) was preceded by this note:

The big picture is this: the commercial enterprise called USA went bust after October 1929. It found its new start twelve years later under a new structure: a permanent war economy (a military keynesianism). The destruction or neutralising of much of the rest of the industrialised world put this new [American] system in very good stead indeed.

The myth according to which this commercial enterprise saved the world from a fate worse than death absolutely legitimizes it, with those disputing the basis of that legitimacy treated ever more as if they were dissidents in the old USSR.

Here is the letter itself:

It has clearly escaped [revisionists] and the like that the people who make up the USA just don't want to know, and for good reason\. They quite naturally don't want to know that their noble armed forces didn't turn off the gas in '45, thus saving the world from utter eviltude.

And they will never want to know it: they, and not the "Zionists", are the main – by far the most numerous and fattest – beneficiaries of the world order erected on the 20th century story of gooditude against eviltude. They owe their obese prosperity to it.

I find it simply puerile to expect to see significant numbers over there step up some day and demand any practical appreciation of the awful reality exposed by revisionism: that would amount to a repudiation of the legitimacy of their empire, which is effectively built on the Lie.

A renunciation of the empire might well bring the place back to where it was in the thirties before FDR & Co. took over the world by means of mass destruction. (Incidentally, I've always got a kick out of the US "conservatives" who used to pour so much scorn on Roosevelt: if not for him they'd have precious little to conserve today.)

The business of America is business, and it's in the very nature of that business to mobilise against "Hitler" every so often. The dollar against the devil.

As for the hodge-podge that some call an American "people", it has never known any regime but democracy – government of the financiers, by the financiers, for the financiers – and no ethic but money. Empire means above all vast wealth, and a renunciation of the dollar empire is clearly not on.

And let's not forget: this "people" remains, like its Puritan founders, spiritually married to the Semitic fiend.

Amongst the exceptions, those who denounce the imperial Lie, one may note a disproportionate number of German names: surprise? Our friend Gregory, himself not of German origin, says only "I see no interest in joining you." Typical, in the strict sense of the word.

Revisionism applied to reality instead of just to paper is an essential factor for European liberation and salvation, just as, in its day and age, Fascism was. For America it spells disaster.

But America is a disaster.

This is an interesting letter in more ways than one.

It's easy for me to agree that Americans should begin to criticize American actions and stop criticizing those of the Germans, the French, the Iraqis, the Palestinians, the Iranians, the Koreans and so on and so on.

I agree that the myth that the Americans and Soviets created around the defeat of the satanic Germans appears to "absolutely legitimize" all U.S. foreign policy.

It looks to be true that Americans do not want to understand the significance of the gas chamber invention and the alleged genocide of the Jews, but then Europeans do not want to know either. That's why one European country after another has made the expression of revisionist arguments about the Holocaust myth an offence against the State, punishable by prison. In America, we still have the remnants of a free press.

The idea that Americans are the primary beneficiaries of the Holocaust story is, I am abashed to admit, an idea that has never occurred to me. I have been too busy writing about how it has benefited Israelis and diaspora Jews. I have never written a word about how it has benefited America. Remarkable.

I like the wisecrack about "The dollar against the devil." Again, there's something there.

Regarding American democracy being a government of financiers, by financiers, and for financiers, I suppose we can say that it is, for the sake of argument. I suppose we can say that about every ruling administration on every continent. The people who have the money rule. The people who want to rule find a way to get the money. This is only natural for men everywhere. Greed among some for money and power. We're human. We won't change. Where is there now, or where has there ever been, a people where the poor ruled the rich? Complaining about that is like complaining that the sun comes up the East.

And then there is the observation that Americans are spiritually married to the "Semitic fiend." There are no fiends in the real world. Jews are not fiends. To argue that they are is the mirror image of the argument that Hitler was a "demon." There are no demons in the real world, just as there are no fiends, no elves, no genies. The New European Order can't have it both ways.

I am always dismayed by expressions of fascist romanticism. How it can be argued that fascism was an essential factor for European liberation and salvation (what's that?) when it failed so miserably, in plain sight, everywhere, is beyond me. Big ideas, big plans, big programs, big blustering speeches, and it all came to nothing. Nothing. Disaster piled on disaster.

I suppose it's in the cards sometimes that the good guys lose. Maybe the fascists were the good guys in World War II. Maybe the commies were the good guys, or the "democracies" that allied themselves with the commies. On the other hand, it might be that there were no good guys in World War II. It may be like Iraq today. No good guys there. Sometimes it's a matter of choosing the lesser of several evils. Now that's the stuff of real, everyday, human life.

I see revisionism, with Holocaust revisionism at its core, as a gift to American culture, not a disaster. It is exactly an awakening to the implications of revisionist arguments about World War II that can suggest to Americans that we begin to experiment with a little self-reflection, a little cultural modesty, a little political restraint. There is nothing like admitting that you are wrong, and that you have been wrong for a long time, to clean up your subjective life, to flush out the heart.

"But America is a disaster."

Well, agreed. Among other things. But America is also a direct expression of European, and of Western culture generally. Americans are very firmly in the centuries-long European tradition of being a disaster for all those who have the misfortune to get in the way. Most all the peoples of the Middle East. Those in India and Southeast Asia. In North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. Throughout the entire Western hemisphere north and south. Everywhere the European/American discovers a place to rest its boot on the neck the native.

America is simply the current expression of Western cultural imperialism based on the successful accumulation and production of power. American culture is the latest, most flamboyant Western expression of human greed, and the universal understanding of those who have power that it is both pointless and boring to not use it. The idea that the French, the Italians, the Germans, or any other stew of Europeans ever have, or ever will, behave differently, suggests the kind of hapless innocence that forever blinds the progressive forces of the left – and the right.

What about the Chinese, you say? How will they act when they come to their own full, modern potential. They will do to others as we have done to others (and ourselves) over the last 500 (5,000?) years. The Chinese will not be fiends or demons either one. They will be only folk, like Europeans, Jews, and Americans. There are some of us who imagine that we can opt out of what it means to be human. I don't think so. Nevertheless, some of us feel a inexplicable, doomed-to-faiulure urge to try to do what we can.

I'm willing to be convinced that I'm wrong about all this. But I have never found a way to identify "fiends," or "demons," or to find a way to discuss fiends and demons with those who believe they have identified them. For me, such talk leads to a kind of "spiritualizing" of issues that resembles talk about elves, genies, and the fires of Hell. What do I know about such folk? Such places?

Meanwhile, I wish us all the best of luck – democrats, republicans, commies, and fascists. We all need it. And may the "force" be with us.

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Published: 2004-12-21
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