Outlaw History #23

A Tsunami of Filth and Lies
Published: 2004-12-28

This is the week that whoever is in charge of such things decided to make the earth tremble, and the sea to rise, and for great tsunamis to swamp several tens of thousands of unsuspecting people in various countries in Southeast Asia. The television screens are full of it. It's horrific. A great catastrophe.

There was no television in 1944 and 1945, but there were newsreels shown at the movies, and theaters devoted to newsreels alone. I was 14 and 15 years old then. Sometimes I would take the streetcar from South Central Los Angeles, where I grew up, to downtown. I would get off the streetcar at Seventh and Broadway, walk south to Eighth, and go to the Newsreel Theater. There I would watch the films of the Americans and British destroying the cities of Germany. It never occurred to me that I was watching something horrific. It was merely the destruction of German cities and the mass extermination of the civilians living there.

I don't recall newsreels showing the destruction of the cities of Japan. Only the films of the nuclear destruction of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Later there were films showing the place where Hiroshima used to be. I don't recall feeling any compassion for the deliberately exterminated civilian populations of either the Japanese or German cities.

That might suggest that I was uniquely and morbidly lacking in empathy for the suffering of others. But I don't recall my mother or father, my aunts or uncles, our neighbors, or any of my friends ever expressing empathy for, or any understanding of, the killing and suffering of those we understood to be living under the administrations of men who our own leaders considered enemies.

Yesterday when I first learned of the great tsunami that struck the shores of Southeast Asia – and this is how my mind, which has a life of its own, works – thought recalled a phrase used by Carlos Porter regarding the Nuremberg and other war crimes trials following WWII. He spoke of the charges against the Germans as constituting a "sea of slander and filth."

The relationship between tsunami and "sea" is pretty clear. But to make the connection between the S.E. Asia tsunami and the "sea of slander and filth" used to cripple German culture and corrupt Western culture generally, is something that I would never do consciously via an act of "logic." I suppose this sort of thing is one of the benefits to us mortals by thought having a life of its own.

If you want to find out what Carlos Porter means by his "sea of slander and filth" reference, you can browse through his unique study, The Holocaust: Made in Russia. There you will find it indexed via the International Military Tribunal records. This sea of slander and filth was exploited to morally justify the crimes against humanity intentionally carried out by the Allied powers against Germany and Japan, and then used primarily by the U.S./Israeli alliance to morally justify their Middle East policies. Hello again, then, to sixty years of war against Arabs by Israelis and Americans.

Regarding filth and slander, go to The Holocaust: Made in Russia, and browse through this special index of the IMT trial records where you can find not only filth and slander, but a level of cultural stupidity previously unknown in Western history, including charges that:

  • Germans used portable bone grinding machines to destroy evidence of their extermination of the Jews.
  • Germans murdered Jews, skinned them, and bound books with their hides.
  • Germans exterminated Jews in gas chambers at Dachau. An admitted complete fraud.
  • Germans skinned murdered Jews and drew pornographic pictures on their hides.
  • Germans exterminated Jews in "electric" chambers as well as those run by "gas."
  • Germans murdered Jews and skinned them to make hand gloves for themselves.
  • Germans skinned murdered Jews and made handbags for their ladies.
  • Germans murdered Jews and shrunk their heads in order to-what? I'm not clear on this one any longer.
  • Germans murdered Jews and skinned them to make lamp shades from their hides (The Simon Wiesenthal Center used to have one of these babies on display in its Museum of "Tolerance"-until they were called on it.)
  • Germans murdered Jews and burned them in portable "ovens" that they hauled around the countryside.
  • Germans used pedal-driven brain-bashing machines to murder Jews one by one.
  • Germans murdered Jews and used their skins to cover riding saddles.
  • Germans murdered Jews and skinned them to make slippers for themselves.
  • Germans murdered Jews and cooked their cadavers to render hand soap for themselves and other Jews.
  • Germans used "steam" chambers, in addition to gas and electric chambers, to murder Jews.
  • Germans built special "torture boxes" to torture and murder Jews.
  • Germans used trees to murder Jews. I suppose this one needs an ex-planatory note. Germans would make Jews climb trees, then cut down the trees. When the trees fell, the Jews would be killed. I know. It sounds really too comic. But together with all this other filth, it's not so funny.
  • Germans murdered Jews, skinned them, and used the skins to make trousers for themselves.
  • Germans murdered Jews and used their hides to manufacture billfolds and wallets for themselves.

This Tsunami of filth and lies directed against Germans was "proven" by IMT court testimony, and it is all indexed in The Holocaust: Made in Russia. Those listed here are only a fragment of what was used to manufacture the "unique monstrosity of the Germans."

As I have observed before, it is the concept of the unique monstrosity of the Germans that played such a large role in morally justifying the creation of a Jewish state on Palestinian land. An island of Jews in a sea of Arabs. Now there's a good idea, eh?

Hello Iraq!

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