Outlaw History #26

Most People Are a Disgrace to Most Places
Published: 2005-01-12

I disagree with all these people who see gloom and doom for revisionism.

The ONLY thing that's positive in the world today is that people like Bush have no credibility anymore, at least outside the US. The whole world realizes, now, at long last, that the Americans lie, that they commit atrocities, that the world is full of lies and propaganda hoaxes.

It's getting very easy. I talk to people about 911, about the Oklahoma City bombing (which I know quite a bit about), about phony hoaxes used to pull off other wars, Pearl Harbor, the Maine, Fort Sumter, etc., then very casually tell them the gas chambers are a lie too, just like all the others. If you move gradually, people will listen to you. Nobody gets offended any more. If they are interested at all you can convince the average person in about 15 minutes.

Once people lose the will to believe, the belief itself is doomed. I tell people, Americans used to lie better, and they agree with me. They don't get all hysterical and start telling me about how the Americans saved freedom and all that sort of rot. C'est fini. They are much more objective.

Of course, a lot of this "positive" – anti-American – mood is being generated by the Jewish media itself for the deliberate purpose of isolating America from the rest of the world. Then the Zionists (i.e., most Jews) will say, "It's just you and me now, the whole world is against us. We've got to stick together now, Israel is America's only ally, etc."

Of course, it won't work, and a hell of a lot of Arabs and Americans will die in the meantime, but for revisionism, that is positive.


BRS: Carlos: I am puzzled by the final paragraph. "Of course, it won't work, and a hell of a lot of Arabs and Americans will die in the meantime, but for revisionism, that is positive."

CP: What I mean by the last sentence is perhaps we'll go down with the ship, but we'll go down fighting, or when it's too late the world will see that the revisionists were right. Like a Delphic oracle. There's another saying in German: "He who will not listen, must feel." Anything that discredits the present system is positive.

I could forgive the Americans if they would ever admit that they were wrong, but that is impossible. If Bush built gas chambers and started gassing all the Arabs, there would be a big public debate: if they die in 3 minutes, is that fast enough? Oh no, I think they should die in 2 minutes, 3 minutes isn't fast enough. This would be presented as a great "debate" proving the existence of "freedom of speech." And the crazy thing is, Hitler would still be considered to be wrong. It's double-think.

One reason I hate Bush so much is that if he were a leftist, the issues would be very clear. I suspect that Bush has been set up to discredit the so-called "right", after which the Jews will switch back to the "left." But even this doesn't make sense, because right and left have no meaning. There is only "what's good for the Jews TODAY????" To the Jews, the difference between right and left is like taking an apple and cutting it in half, and saying "which half do you want"? At any rate, the Bushnik will be swept away in a wave of revulsion, sooner or later.

The Dixie Chicks were right when they said Bush is a disgrace to Texas. But then, most people are a disgrace to MOST places.

Let's see, where's that cyanide? I had it around here someplace…

BRS: After I ran this letter from Carlos, he wrote to say he did not like the title I had given the piece.

CP: First, please change the title, people will misinterpret it. Say something else, anything else. Also, I didn't disagree with Ell. Burns. because I don't see anything to disagree with, really. I was thinking of others who have written of gloom and doom for revisionism. Revisionism will triumph, but I don't think there will be anything left. And I don't think it is "good" that a hell of a lot of Arabs and Americans will die.

I am reminded of the play EDWARD II by Marlowe, in which an assassin receives a message written in Latin, but without any comma. Depending on where you put the comma, it meant either, KILL THE KING, HE'S NO GOOD, or, DON'T KILL THE KING, THAT'S NOT GOOD. You see? Change the title, it's very clumsy.

BRS: Okay. I edited your letter a bit. Not well, it would seem. This baby is mine, so I can change what I want, I suppose.

CP: I would suggest: "Most People Are a Disgrace to Most Places."

BRS: Done. Again, apologies.

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Published: 2005-01-12
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