Outlaw History #27

Prince Harry, Auschwitz, and the Nazi Party
Published: 2005-01-13

The young prince Harry showed up at a party this week wearing a sand-colored shirt reminiscent of "Desert Fox" Erwin Rommel (Hitler's favorite general) – with a Nazi Wehrmacht emblem on the collar, and a Nazi armband with swastika. What was he thinking? He probably wasn't thinking. The boy just wanted to have fun.

Prince Harry appears to have the common touch, something that could lead to his being beloved by ordinary Brits everywhere, if he doesn't let it go. Here is a prince of the realm who is willing to engage in fist-fights in London nightclubs, and drink with so much enthusiasm when he travels that he passes out on the streets of foreign cities, as he did recently in Buenos Aires, and do a send-up of the neurosis-about-Nazis at fancy parties.

You have to love the kid. The first time I got drunk, I was nineteen or twenty myself. It was in Manhattan. I didn't know I was drunk, and when I walked out of the bar on maybe 60th street I was caught across the throat by a diagonal cable running somehow from the curbing to a telephone pole. I felt like I had squashed my tonsils. Later on I found myself in a brightly-lit showroom sitting on top of a green car which was on a revolving platform. Don't know how I got in there, don't recall how I got out.

If I can have the common touch, Prince Harry certainly should be allowed to have it. He's somebody. Who am I?

The theme of Harry's party (the one he went to) was "colonials and natives." Wonderful theme. I would very much have liked to have seen the other costumes. My imagination runs wild. Harry's brother, William, arrived as a creature both lion and a tiger, complete with stuffed paws. We are not told if he was a "native" or a "colonial." Their girlfriends showed up as "belly dancers," an insult, I suppose, to the British military being killed in Arab countries.

"Shocking and astounding," was the response from the editor in chief of Britain's Jewish Chronicle newspaper. Reuter's reports: "Jewish victim's organizations are protesting and the country's been turned on its head. Only three weeks before the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz."

Or, as those familiar with the facts about the liberation of Auschwitz would have it, the 60th anniversary of the laying of two propaganda cornerstones. One to support the Auschwitz gas chamber fraud, and the second to institutionalize in Western culture the multi-use, fund-raising concept of the "unique monstrosity" of the Germans.

As Reuter's reports, many upper-class Englishmen, those in the know, you know, admired Hitler. The Duke of Windsor, the great great uncle of Prince Harry, and his wife Wallis Simpson, met happily with Adolf Hitler in 1937, three years after the anti-Semitic Nuremberg Laws were passed. There are photos of the event. Harry may well have seen the photos. Why not? What was Harry to think?

Why would Harry's great great uncle have been concerned about German anti-Semitism and the concentration camps that were appearing around Germany? The Duke understood how things were. He was a member of the ruling class that at that time held some 800 millions of non-white peoples all around the planet in racist subjugation through the use of force. It was the greatest empire ever put together by the freedom-loving peoples of the West.

Of course, English Jews, humanitarians to the last one, did not bother themselves with the wogs, the Blacks, or the rag-heads owned by the class that Jews themselves served. They were already going on about the suffering of the European Jews. The more things changeā€¦

World War II became England's "greatest hour," like the Americans who fought in the war became America's "greatest generation." Well, horse-pucky, as we kids used to say in South-Central Los Angeles. Even as I write this, a mini series on WWII and the Holocaust is showing on British TV. Can't wait until we get it in the States.

I wonder how many minutes, seconds, the mini series will give over to showing the intentional massacre of tens of thousands of innocent, unarmed German civilians in Dresden by [the] British air [force]. Or Hamburg, or any of 50 other German cities? Nothing to be disgusted with there. But wearing a Nazi costume?

As a result of the hullabaloo raised by the press and the usual perps, Prince Harry has issued a public apology. He didn't apologize personally. His spokesman said Prince Harry wanted to admit publicly that the costume he wore to the party was a "poor choice." He will never live it down. Those who run Holocaust Industry will use it for their own profit for decades.

Prince Harry made a mistake. Not in wearing his Nazi costume to a costume party, but for apologizing for it. I doubt that the kid is finished with this story. I expect that he will soon make some public appearance where he mouths the requisite public apology, personally.

So much for "royalty." So much for thoughtless, sophisticated fun.

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Published: 2005-01-13
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