Outlaw History #28

Prince Harry to Be Punished, Father Says He Must View "Schindler's List"
Published: 2005-01-14

Prince Harry is going to be punished for renting, then wearing, a German Nazi uniform to a party. The London Times reports that no authority figure was present to remonstrate with Harry about his choice of costume. Harry did what regular blokes do. He chose the costume he thought would be most amusing to the folk he is accustomed to associating with.

If Harry had chosen to wear the uniform of a British airman of that same period, the folk who intentionally murdered tens of thousands of innocent, unarmed German civilians in mass terror bombings, no "authority figure" would have remonstrated with Harry about that uniform either.

It is much easier to be "horrified" by the actions of the others than by the actions of your own folk. Americans are specialists at this sort of thing, so we should be able to recognize it in others. Those who run the anti-Nazi Holocaust Industry, and who will exploit Harry's partying for all it's worth, are the best of the best. They will make a fortune out of Harry before they are through with him.

The London Times Online reports that Harry, representing the ordinary bloke everywhere, "drank vodka and cranberry juice and chain-smoked" while "a pretty brunette sat on Harry's lap. They partied until 5 am." Sounds to me like a pretty good party. I'd like to have taken a run at it myself.

Harry paid 25 pounds to rent the uniform of a German Nazi officer from an English costume company. Who else among the English like to rent costumes of German Nazis? No one is asking this question yet. Not only who, but how many? A professional reporter could find a story there. More likely, someone representing the Holocaust Industry will beat the press to it. This is the sort of place where the Industry earns its way.

Harry also paid a deposit of 20 pounds in case he left the party without the uniform. Harry, being a regular bloke who drinks, smokes pot, and punches photographers, all worthy enough endeavors on their own, just might have done that. He might have gotten himself into a situation where, all of a sudden, to honorably protect the reputation of some young lady, would have had to make a run for it in the costume of an Arab belly dancer.

The AP reports that Prince Charles "hit the roof" when he heard about his son Harry and his Nazi orgy. First he ordered Harry and his other son, William, to visit Auschwitz. William, probably, as a traveling "authority figure" for Harry the kid. A royal official, however, said only that Prince Harry is considering invitations from Jewish groups to visit Auschwitz. Such "invitations" amount to an offer that Harry will be hard pressed to refuse.

And then, as if having to go to Auschwitz and suck up to the cultural powers that be, it is reported by The Sun that Harry's father, Charles, told both boys that they were to watch the movie "Schindler's List." This is adding insult to injury. The suggestion here is that Stephen Spielberg's Schindler's List is some kind of true retelling of the Schindler saga.

Schindler's List is a Hollywood movie based on a cheap novel written by an Australian, Thomas Keneally. Stephen Spielberg is an anti-German racist, which you can see for yourself if you watch the movie. I watched it in world-famous downtown Burbank when it first came out. It is a very professionally made movie. Give professional credit where professional credit is due. At the same time, it's a stand-out expression of anti-German racism.

If you watch Schindler's List, observe how Spielberg feels toward Germans. The entire movie is full of Germans, from start to finish. Try to find one decent German man or woman among them. Try to find a Jew who isn't decent. It is all so obvious. So out in front. No one in Hollywood sees anything odd about that. No one in any organization fronting for the Holocaust Lobby sees anything odd about that.

Schindler's List has been a money-maker. It was not only profitable in theaters and at Blockbuster, but has contributed mightily to the perception that Germans are guilty of a "unique monstrosity" during WWII. That – the unique monstrosity of the Germans – is the great money-maker for the Holocaust Industry. It is the "unique" monstrosity of the Germans that provided the moral justification for the Jewish invasion and conquest of Arab land in Palestine.

Greed expresses itself in many ways, not only with regard to the coin of the realm.

Prince Harry, the fine little bloke he is, has opened up one more tiny, hairline crack in the great wall of taboo that protects the gas chamber fraud, and the fraud about the unique monstrosity of the Germans, from open debate in a public arena that is not managed by those who manage, and promote, and exploit for their own benefit, both frauds.

Hooray for the common man!

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Title: Outlaw History #28, Prince Harry to Be Punished, Father Says He Must View "Schindler's List"
Published: 2005-01-14
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