Outlaw History #29

Prince Harry, Tory Leader Michael Howard, and Another Crazy Gas Chamber Story
Published: 2005-01-17

Michael Howard, the recently enthroned leader of all the Tories in Great Britain, and the leading candidate to replace Tony Blair as the leader of all the British people, is demanding that young Prince Harry apologize fully, and even fulsomely, to everyone everywhere for wearing a German military costume to a costume party.

Mr. Michael Howard feels a special responsibility with regard to who wears German military costumes and which costume parties they can be worn at. Mr. Howard feels this special responsibility because he is Jewish, you see, because one of his grandmothers died in a Polish (German?) concentration camp, and because one of his aunts survived a gas chamber three times.


Michael Howard, the leading candidate to lead all the British people when Tony Blair is blitzed out of office, had an aunt who "survived" a Nazi gas chamber three times. What a woman! Three times! We are not told what happened the fourth time. We are not told if there was a fourth time. After three runs at it, the Nazi devils may have just said to hell with it and put Mr. Howard's aunt back in the camp kitchen, or to sorting clothes, or working in the BUNA factory.

Or maybe the lady was transferred to Dr. Mengele's authority at Auschwitz. There the good (bad) doctor would have wanted to know what it was about this remarkable super woman that allowed her to go through three gassings and come out ready for another run at it. Who wouldn't?

Was it because she was a Jew? Probably not. Millions, or maybe billions, of Jews had already been successfully gassed by the devil-Nazis in their satanic industrial killing factories, the first ever great weapons of mass destruction. What was wrong with this one Jewish lady? She had been given a role to play, and had refused to play it. Maybe she was a bad actor. Or maybe she was a good actor, and the role of a lemming just didn't appeal to her.

I've known many Jewish ladies during my long and pleasant life, and I have to say that a good number of them were bad actors, in the sense of being real hard-heads. I can image Michael Howard's auntie as being one of those. When the gas came into the chamber, she just held her breath for thirty or forty minutes. She wasn't going to play the role she had been appointed to. It's not something just any lady down the block could do, but when I talk about hard-headed Jewish ladies, I'm talking about the real thing.

Frankly, I don't know how Michael Howard's auntie survived the homicidal gassing chambers of the devil-Nazis three times. Myself, I don't think I could have survived it even one time. I have no more character than your regular Jew has. Put me in one of those Nazi gas chambers along with a few hundred other guys and gals and, frankly, I'm pretty much a goner the first time 'round. Like all the rest. I'm not extraordinary, like some of those in Michael Howard's Jewish family. I'm an ordinary guy. I'm more like Prince Harry.

I don't want to beg the important question of the Nazi devils and their weapons of mass destruction, which in the present instance appear to have been unable to off one tough Jewish lady. But being a "revisionist," I feel obligated to ask a couple questions that Michael Howard should be asked by reporters for the London Times, or reporters at any other rag that feels some sense of self importance.

Where was this horrible weapon of mass destruction? How has it been established that it was used to murder people by gassing? Are there wartime generated documents that demonstrate that it actually was a gas chamber? Where are those documents? Does the weapon exist today? If so, again, where is it? How do we know that Howard's auntie was gassed three times? Or once? Where is Howard's aunt? Was she deposed by individuals who were knowledgeable authorities on these magical, unidentifiable weapons? Where is the deposition? If the deposition exists, how do we know it is truthful?

You might wonder why I believe that this claim by Tory leader Michael Howard should be questioned. Because it goes to the historicity of the gas chamber fraud, it goes to the cultural fraud about the "unique monstrosity" of the Germans, and it goes to the struggle between those who believe in intellectual freedom with regard to historical issues, and those who believe that, with regard to some historical issues, intellectual freedom should be banned.

But not to worry. It's expected that Harry will hold a private meeting with Jonathan Sacks, the Chief Rabbi of Great Britain. Prince Charles's own aides hope that the one-to-one tutorial on the horrors of the Jewish Holocaust by Rabbi Sacks will teach Harry to have good manners with respect to Jewish issues, and put an end to the media storm prompted by pictures of the "Nazi prince."

I do not believe Rabbi Sacks will make much of a to-do about the horrors of the Brits intentionally killing tens of thousands of innocent, unarmed German civilians in mass terror bombings. When you talk about Jews being offed, it's a very big story. When you talk about innocent, unarmed German civilians being offed, it's just krauts. They got what they deserved. Including the babies.

I suspect Harry is not looking forward to this rabbinical tutorial. I think the rabbi is probably very much looking forward to it. Maybe I'm wrong. A forthright spokesman for the Holocaust Industry is being given a straight shot at bolstering the Industry line about the unique monstrosity of the Germans. How many rabbis could resist? Some could. But this Sacks fellow?

A spokesman for Eton has confirmed that Harry studied for a history GSCE and covered the topic. "It would be difficult to go through that syllabus without touching on the Holocaust. All boys coming through Eton would have some understanding of the Holocaust either through historical study or divinity."

Not only that, but Eaton has had a "Holocaust essay prize" for a number of years. Holocaust survivors visit and pass on their own tales like those of Tory Leader Michael Howard's unusual aunt.

One Eaton contemporary told the press: "Any pupil at Eton gets fed up with having PC liberal values shoved at them every day."

The greatest of all PC liberal values is the demand that Germans be judged to have acted with a unique monstrosity during WWII. After all, it was a liberal war, fought in the name of liberal values. That is why the intentional mass killing of innocent, unarmed German civilians by Brits and Americans is looked upon with so much pride. Liberal values. For the Brits, their "greatest liberal hour." For the Americans, our "greatest liberal generation."

Harry used to have a good life. As the London Times has it, he and his friends are focused on "huntin', drinkin' and fallin' over." How many are there among us who cannot relate to such manly pleasures? Who among us, when we were 20 years old, would not have wanted to have had big nights out in exotic locations, including a night of champagne and tequila at the Rhodes House club in Cape Town where Harry – may the force be with him – "spent 20 minutes locked in a lavatory" with a beautiful, 20-year-old heiress?

The time is come.

We have to choose. Are we going to stand with the man who may become the next leader of the British people, who believes (or at least pretends to believe for political gain) that his auntie survived at least three goes in the Nazi gas chambers, believes in the gas chamber fraud itself, and thus necessarily believes in the absolutely conventional idea of the unique monstrosity of the Germans?

Or are we going to stand with a young man who is devoted to huntin', drinkin' and fallin' over? Will we stand with his group of friends who are known as "the chins" because of their "chiseled jaws," or maybe their polo-helmet straps, young men who have demonstrated, have proven to the world, that their idea of having fun includes "driving Land Rovers off bridges"?

Let's get serious here.

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Published: 2005-01-17
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