Outlaw History #30

An Allergy to the Word "Tsunami"
Published: 2005-01-18

I don't quite recall using the phrase "sea of filth and lies" (Outlaw History #23). It was Reinhold Elstner who spoke of a "Niagara of filth and lies" before he burned himself to death at the Feldherrnhalle in Munich in April 1995.

I wrote a protest letter to the Mayor of Munich for arresting people for placing wreathes on the spot where he burned himself, and using blowtorches to obliterate the burn marks on the concrete. The result of my letter (as well as a long list of other free-speech crimes) was that I was sentenced to five months imprisonment.

Look, I don't get it. We're at war with the Moslem world. We're in the process of provoking one billion Moslems. We've killed hundreds of thousands or even millions of them with napalm, phosphorous, and by bombing their sewage plants, and pharmaceutical factories. We've killed them with sanctions, embargoes, refusing to allow them to import ridiculously cheap medical supplies and vaccines, refusing to allow them to sell the oil which WE need ("kick their ass and take their gas", etc).

We're blowing up their apartment houses, poisoning them with depleted uranium, etc. etc., on account of how our God is bigger than their God, and their God is an idol, and so on, and so forth, and now we are making a big deal of the fact because a hundred thousand of so got washed away by a tidal wave.

What do we care? We can look at it two ways: either our God is right, in which He is punishing all those island and coastal nations for being Moslems and heathens, in which case who are we to interfere with God's will? Or, Allah is right, and everything is the Will of Allah, so who are we to interfere with the Will of Allah?

Alternatively, if we really do care, we can just call off the wars against the Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine for starters, save a few lives, and save all the dough we're wasting blowing things up. People are nuts. The tidal wave isn't our doing, we didn't pay taxes for it, and we didn't vote for God a second time after he drowned all those people. We didn't even vote for God the first time.

A couple of years ago we were dropping Christmas presents and bombs on Afghanistan at the same time. Of course, nothing looks more like a child's toy than a cluster bomb: they look like flashlight batteries with a tail, like a kite. So kids pick them up and lose their hands. Or they take them to American troops for disposal and are shot as they approach.

Now we worry about victims of drowning? It's nothing but a racket to sell newspapers. So I'm allergic to the word "tsunami" at the moment. Tsunamis are Jews' harvests. I gave at the office.

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Author(s): Carlos Whitlock Porter
Title: Outlaw History #30, An Allergy to the Word "Tsunami"
Published: 2005-01-18
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