Pacifica Radio's Goodman and Moynihan Caught Spreading False News Regarding Anne Frank

Published: 2018-07-15

Contrary to widely held beliefs, Anne Frank and her family were never denied entry visas to the United States, a new study by the Anne Frank Museum confirmed.

Pacifica Radio Journalists Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan had made the claim in a brazenly inaccurate article Feb. 23, 2017, The U.S. Rejected Refugee Anne Frank—Let’s Not Make the Same Mistake Again


"anti-Semites in the State Department blocked as many refugees as they could, condemning tens of thousands to their deaths at the hands of the Nazis. “Whether this kind of evil prejudice against refugees was perpetrated by a Democrat like Franklin Roosevelt or a Republican like Donald Trump, it is an unconscionable blot on the American national conscience,” ... “That’s why, in the name of Anne Frank, we have an obligation to stand with Muslim refugees and to stand with all refugees to help them come into this nation.


In the same article Goodman and Moynihan made the lurid and discredited claim,

"Anne Frank and her family were betrayed and sent to the concentration camps.In fact, the cause of the raid at Prinsengracht 263 is clear and had to do with a black market food and counterfeit-ration-card ring operating at the Gies & Co.building and covered by her father Otto Frank's food-related business Opekta. 

Piling one lie on the other Goodman and Moynihan also brayed out the now-debunked claim,


At least 69 bomb threats have been directed at 54 Jewish Community Centers across the United States since the inauguration. 


Goodman and Moynihan should be ashamed of packing so much false news into a single story.

As of today, they have not offered an apology for distorting and exploiting the tragic story of Anne Frank.

No apologies from these two.



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