Perjury is my business ... and bu$ine$$ is good!

Interview with a murdered man
Published: 1967-01-01

On October, 29 1965, the National Zeitung (NZ) published on page 1 an article on the shameless lie by the professional witness Herbst accusing Hoppe of the alleged murder of former KZ-inmate Heinrich Seiler:

"The witness Herbst, who accused Hoppe of having murdered me, knew perfectly well that I was still alive. Only 3 years ago he spent a few days here at my place. He wanted to convince me to drive with him as a witness to the KZ-trials in the South of Germany, and to testify there as a witness. Since I did not know the accused personally, I did not accompany him. Herbst didn't know the accused either; but he explained to me that that had nothing to do with it, the main thing was to receive money for it!

Herbst used to be a musician; now he travelled only [as a professional witness] from one trial to the other; for him, it was worth it. He was a professional witness, like so many others. In Buchenwald, Herbst was never under Hoppe's command; I think he never even knew Hoppe."

Other interesting details from the interview :

Seiler : "I was a political prisoner. In March 1939, with five other members of the KPD, I was sent to Buchenwald and stayed there till January, 5 1943."

NZ : "Were people murdered at the KZ ?"

Seiler : "Escaping detainees were shot at."

NZ : "Were there any tortures at the KZ ?"

Seiler : "I never heard of any !"

NZ : "Were you ever hit by Hoppe ?"

Seiler : "I can't complain against Hoppe. He never hit. Hoppe never did anything against me."

NZ : "Do you know, if Hoppe ever hit other inmates or even murdered somebody ?"

Seiler : "Hoppe was till the middle of March 1942 my Kommando leader. At the time, we built the SS accommodations, half an hour away from the camp. I never saw Hoppe hit or torture anybody. He never annoyed us. If he had ever killed somebody at the camp, it would have been known."

From Franz J. Scheidl, Geschichte der Verfemung Deutchlands compiled and translated by Widukind.

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Author(s): Franz J. Scheidl
Title: Perjury is my business ... and bu$ine$$ is good!, Interview with a murdered man
Sources: Geschichte der Verfemung Deutschlands, vol. 4: "Die Millionenvergasungen," published by author, Vienna 1967, pp. 203f.
Published: 1967-01-01
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