A Personal Message from Germar Rudolf

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Published: 2020-08-25

I have never really used this venue for my own personal messages, but two events of the recent past lead me to do so. Truth is, I should have sent out such a message right after the first event that threw my life into turmoil, but the second event following in its wake spoiled this plan, hence the delay. Let me explain:

Very few of you know me in person. One important aspect of my personality is that I have a rather Spartan lifestyle. I do not value material possessions highly (I own almost nothing), and I am trying to lead a healthy life by way of wholesome nutrition and abstinence from anything unhealthful (alcohol, nicotine, recreational or medicinal drugs, caffeine, fast food...). Moreover, I follow a very intense cardiovascular and core-strengthening workout routine that I have developed over the decades and keep developing. In fact, if you are interested in my current core-strengthening workout routine, you can watch a YouTube video documenting that routine as it stood in late July 2020.

After moving to Pennsylvania in 2012, I developed a workout routine that consists of riding my bicycle in the wee hours of the morning on a 10.5-mile trip to the Susquehanna River. There, I get off my bike and work out in an empty public park for some 40-50 minutes doing various exercises such as sit-ups, push-ups, various styles of planks and pull-ups (on the monkey bars of a playground set in the park). After that, if time permits, I swim in the Susquehanna River between a quarter and a full mile, depending on my fitness level and on when I have to be back home (for instance to get my three kids up and ready for school). After that swim, I get back on my bicycle and ride back home (this time the shortest distance possible, some 8.5 miles).

On July 2, 2019, a police officer coming into the area where I work out falsely accused me of being in this vacated park at 4 in the morning "naked from the waist down", filing criminal charges for "open lewdness". When he testified about what he claimed to have seen during the preliminary hearing in August 2019, he lied through his teeth, making up a wild story that had nothing to do with reality. I was profoundly shocked by that experience; it badly shook the trust I have had in police officers in this country. Anyway, the case was to go to court, but COVID-19 delayed it several times. Finally, on July 6/7, 2020, the case was heard. I had prepared a thorough defense with all kinds of evidence showing that my version of the story is correct and that the police officer's story is physically impossible. Being a revisionist, critiquing witness statements in such fashion is in my blood. Yet during the trial, my defense lawyer suddenly and unexpectedly refused to introduce any of the evidence I had developed, and failed to ask me any of the relevant questions I had asked him to put to me while I was on the stand. As a result, the jury believed the unchallenged testimony of the police officer and subsequently passed a guilty verdict. If you want to learn more about this case, I have recorded a brief, 13-minute introduction into that case (with English subtitles and also mit deutschen Untertiteln), and for those interested in more, I have also posted a longer, detailed discussion with Ryan Dawson form the "Anti-NeoCon Report" about my workout habits and how they got me in trouble.

Germar Rudolf, banged-up by a deer

Germar Rudolf, banged-up by a deer.

While trying to re-organize my defense for a possible appeal to this travesty of justice, I set up a GoFundMe page, and was in the process of writing a message such as this one to you all. However, on August 10, at around 4 in the morning while riding my bicycle down to the Susquehanna River for my usual workout session, I hit a deer while going some 40+ mph down a steep hill. I have no recollection of the actual collision and what followed, as I was knocked unconscious by the event. Some 10-15 minutes later I found myself at the side of the road bleeding from several deep cuts and many road abrasions, and with a broken left shoulder blade (diagnosed as such in the hospital an hour later). This event prevented me from doing much of anything for a week, and only now am I slowly getting back to being able to sit at my computer and type. This explains why I send out this missive only now.

I am in the process of writing a book about this bizarre sequence of events, which is still evolving. For instance, I am now falsely tagged as a "sex offender" and am required to take therapy in order to enable me to lead a "healthier life". It will be interesting to see what aspects of my life those therapists will diagnose as being in need of more health... (Maybe stay away from deer...)

To cut a long story short, I'd like to take this opportunity to give you all a chance to learn the facts about these events from the horse's mouth (see the videos mentioned), so you do not have to disentangle the rumors and false-news items floating about on the internet, and I also would like you to consider supporting me in my attempt at rectifying this miscarriage of justice by contributing to my fund-raising effort as posted at GoFundMe.com in order to finance my motion for an appeal and whatever may come afterwards. If you do not want to donate using a credit card through GoFundMe, you can use various other donation methods as indicated on my personal web site at www.GermarRudolf.com (such as: direct credit-card charge, cash, check, money order, bank transfer (Europe), crypto-currencies (BitCoin, Monero), Google Wallet).

As a final note, I should mention that, in spite of this conviction, I am in no danger of being deported from the U.S. As a non-citizen immigrant, the law gives me "one free shot," so to say. This means, however, if I get framed again with any similar kind of trumped-up charges, it will get nasty. All the more important it is to have this miscarriage of justice rectified.

Germar Rudolf, Red Lion, Pa., August 25, 2020
[email protected]

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