Reach Out for Peace in Israel and Palestine, ToC & Part 1

Published: 2003-01-01

We invite you to join us in the effort to reach out for peace in Israel and Palestine


Barak Horowitz
28 years old

"When the territories are closed and the Palestinians can't move around, I come to Ra'ed's village and bring food. We're friends, through thick and thin. But I can't lie to myself, it's my country's government that shuts them in. But if there's not even respect between us, it's hard to imagine there being any for the Arabs."

Ra'ed Abu Ni'meh
25 years old

"Nearly every day I feel like I want to die. What kind of life is this? I work by the day. I go in without a permit. Every morning I'm terrified of being arrested. Sometimes I take the back-streets to avoid a check point. I get to work such a wreck from all the tension. Barak is like a brother, he gives me hope."

Help stop the killing and the hate!


Text and More Photos to Follow

Submit your own photos that show there is hope.

"We all have it in us to become like Nazis.  Hate ... is a muscle, and if we
want to be monsters, all we have to do is exercise it. To hate the Germans,
to hate the Arabs, to hate the Jews. The longer we exercise it, the bigger it
gets, as if every day we curl forty pounds and, far from being worn out, in time
we are curling fifty, sixty, we are the Mr. Universe of Hate, the Heinrich Himmler\.
We all can be hate-full people, hateful people. We can destroy the people we hate,
maybe, but we surely destroy ourselves." — John Sack

Pictures are from "Enemies" by United Colors of Benetton

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Title: Reach Out for Peace in Israel and Palestine, ToC & Part 1
Published: 2003-01-01
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