Remembering the Martyrs of Romania

Published: 1997-09-25

Good Morning from the Zundelsite!

Every once in a while, I get reports from comrades in other countries, speaking with respect and admiration of the quiet but persistent work of a group of nationalist Romanians. I know that, on occasion, some of my ZGrams were translated and reprinted there, and one young man is sending me their print publication called Gazeta de West – which, of course, I can't read, but which still has a folder in my office for posterity's sake.

Last night, I received this letter, titled "What Holocaust?", which contains excerpts described as ". . . from the word of Orthodox Father Liviu Branzas held in the cemetery of Gherla on September 6, 1997, near one of the dreadful Communist prisons of Transylvania."

The English is a bit awkward, but the feelings and passions shine through:

Standing in front of this huge common grave, in this cemetery, we raise our voices and, in the name of the martyrs buried here, we ask:

Why, in this "human rights"' and "crimes against humanity" era, the crimes and horrors done by the Communists are buried in the tomb of silence? A certain Holocaust is insistently reminded to us, but they forget the floods of blood and the hills of bodies on which was build the Bolshevism, everywhere where it got in power in the name of the devil.

About one hundred million victims, maybe more, from several continents, represent the sinister criminal performance of Bolshevism. Why the world pretended Christian does not condemn, through its high moral and juridical courts, the Communism (as ideology and practice)?

Would it be only because its theoretical founder was namend Karl Marx, and the Bolshevic Revolution (corelated with the anti-Christian repression in Russia and other countries) artisans were named Bronstein and Pauker?

Who took the right to amnesty this unencountered outlaw of the human history? ...

Whilst the presumed killers of Jews are wanted without hesitation and without mercy after more than 50 years, when the subject opens upon the known assasins of the Christians, suddenly, as caused by an invisible command, the sense of justice goes weaker and weaker, until disappearence.

We can hear some zealous speakers saying that the Nazi crimes will never be amnestied, simultaneously with the hideous servitude of totally forgeting about the Communist real crimes: the Romanian young blood which flooded in the cellars of the Securitate, on the crests of the Carpathians and in front of the execution squads.

To those scribes, enheriters of the traitor from the Garden of Ghetsimani, we ask: is it normal for you that a certain Fritz or Hans, former Gestapo agent, today over 90 years old, to be harrased to death in the jungle of Amazon, and – on the other side – the Bolshevic criminal, Soviet agent paratrooped in Romania, the Jew Alexander Nikolski (alias Grünberg), the one who cr[u]shed the Romanian Christian youth by the dreadful "reeducation"' of Pitesti prison, to die in peace in his own bed in Bucharest, undisturbed by anybody? Does it looks fair?

From this site of Christian martyrdom in Romania, we ask:

When will come the representants of the powers that sold us to the Red butcher from Kremlin to pay respects and put flowers on the graves of the Christian martyrs assasinaed by the Communists? Or, according to their mentality, only those who died in Auschwitz are considered victims?

When will take place the Trial of Communism based on the overwhelming acts of accusation of all the known proven crimes commited by the Bolshevics at the light of contemporary history? It's still alive in everyones memory the image of the skulls pyramids raised by the Red Khmers in Cambodgia and shown on the TV. In consequence, it will be fair that – as the Pharaon Era remained in history by the great pyramids of stone – the Bolshevic Era can be remembered as the skull pyramids era.

Despite the huge crimes of Communism, all over Europe the Communist parties are enjoying total political freedom; in some states even a certain power. This provoke in every healthy mind the sensation that we are living on a planet where the basic rule is the absurd.

Although the essence of Communism is crime, misery and terror, in the West nobody dares to ask its interdiction.

In the same time, in Italy, for instance, where the Fascist regime of Mussolini never forbid Christianity, never destroyed private property (which is the basis of the Western system), and never spawn Italy with prisons and Gulags for the extermination of his people's political and cultural elite, despite all these the Fascist organizations remain under interdiction forever.

On the other hand, for mysterious reasons, democracy will never allow the interdiction of the most totalitarian party: the Communist party.

At the instauration of Communism in Romania by a herd of aliens and a bunch of local traitors, under the protection of a foreign power panzers, the Romanian Nation resisted with bravery, activating the armed resistance. Nowhere in Eastern Europe existed an anti-Communist National Armed Resistance Movement of the amplitude of the Romanian one.

That generated a true war. Every Romanian knew at that time that the core of this Resistance was the Iron Guard. It was natural to be so: the first who gave the signal in 1919 was Corneliu Codreanu, Ion Motza and Vasile Marin died for the Cross as soldier-martyrs in 1937 under the gates of Madrid...

Legionaries are now recognizing and accepting all other contributions to the anti-Communist war. And the Legionaries have now one desire: the authorities to recognize them, in the spirit of honour and justice, the right to the freedom for which they gave their blood in the past. The first step will be to elliminate from the Law of National Security (#51/1991) all restrictive references to the Legionaries or the Legionary Movement...

In the end, I assume that the attitude of the present authorities will differ from that of the Jew Ludovic Weiss, my former Securitate enquirer and torturer, who – for my oppinions – recompensed me with a penalty of 25 years of forced labor…"

Thought for the Day:

"The Holocaust Museum is doing wonderful work. But I'd hate to think that the one thing the Holocaust Museum doesn't talk about is genocide when it's done by Jews."—John Sack, author if "An Eye for an Eye," Feb. 13, 1997, in a media interview

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