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Published: 2015-11-03

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Subscription Renewals

This issue of Smith’s Report has a letter included asking most of you print edition subscribers to please consider renewing their subscription. This is a new approach for us. In the past, Smith’s Report was based not on subscriptions, but on whoever had recently donated some considerable amount to CODOH and/or Bradley Smith. If you wonder what “recently” and “considerable” means in this context, we must admit that we don’t know.

Going forward, however, we need a well-defined way of handling our newsletter. For the first time we have a database which links payments and donations to your subscription of Smith’s Report. Once your payments and/or donations do no longer cover the fee due, we will send you a polite reminder to please renew your subscription or your pledge.

As indicated before, lacking any past payment data linked to your SR subscriptions, we gave every subscriber five free SR issues starting with #214. This will run out with the next, upcoming issue. We therefore ask you to please renew your subscription and/or your support effort now, so that we can plan the future of Smith’s Report.

The Trustees

Dear Reader of Smith’s Report:

In SR 215 we explained that Smith’s Report is now published by a team of CODOH volunteers. Since we did not receive any information about when existing subscriptions expire, we decided to give each individual on our mailing list five free issues of SR (#214-218). We also announced that we would ask you to renew your commitment to Smith’s Report right after SR #217 has come out by either making a substantial donation or by sending in your subscription fee.

Now that SR #217 is in your hands, we’d like to ask you to make sure that the print edition of Smith’s Report can survive this transition and maybe even grow.

So please consider renewing your support for our work by subscribing or making a donation NOW!

It has never been easier to renew your subscription, see the instructions here. If you want to pay by credit card, simply click on the button for your type of subscription in the table below.

Thank you very much!

Jett Rucker, Editor
Bradley Smith, Founder
Germar Rudolf, Volunteer
and the CODOH Trustees

Please choose one of the following subscription options:
no. of issues shipping address Price (US$) Subscribe!
10 USA $36
30 USA $99
10 Canada/Mexico $45
30 Canada/Mexico $126
10 Rest of World $55
30 Rest of World $150
If you want to pay by U.S. check or money order:
Please make it out to CODOH and mail to:
CODOH, PO Box 20774, York PA 17402
Note: Your subscription does NOT renew automatically.
Shortly before it runs out, we will notify you and ask you to renew it.

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