Review of the CODOH Revisionist Forum October 2011

Published: 2011-12-01

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Here are some of the key topics begun by registrants of The Forum for October of this year. Rather than a verbatim back & forth I have summarized the main points made within the selected threads. Below are the statistics for the month of October. As you see, we are not talking to ourselves alone.

Unique visitors: 10,034
Number of visits: 29,678
Pages accessed: 228,383
Hits: 474,818

New Faurisson video

  • Paul-Eric Blanrue has published a new video containing a 93-minute interview with R. Faurisson, for those who understand French - Not much debate here, Faurisson is compelling as usual. - A must-see example of solid Revisionist arguments.

Jewish holocaust survivor finds out he is listed as dead

  • This 'survivor' has his story dissected & thoroughly debunked by those at the forum.
  • The story itself speaks to the complete unreliably of Yad Vashem's list of those it claims were killed in the so called 'holocaust'
  • Rudolf Vrba, who allegedly blew the whistle on the Auschwitz gas chambers, has been listed as dead under his previous name
  • This fact brought forth comment about the rampant name changing by Jews after WWII, - Jews are now considered murdered under their old names, alive under their new names.
  • Yet another 'survivor' of the million or so which come out of the woodwork for compensation, and their fifteen minutes of fame.

David Irving & Mark Weber, 'Enemies of Revisionism'

  • Irving's arrogance and self praise tend to be embarrassing. - Irving hasn't written much about the 'holocaust' and often contradicts himself when speaking of it.
  • Irving apparently has stated that he does not accept the claim about Auschwitz / Birkenau, but apparently buys into the tales about Treblinka, Belzec, & Sobibor.
  • The forum participants have been quick to refute Irving’s claims concerning Treblinka, Belzec, & Sobibor.
  • Irving's support for the Höfle document is unsustainable.
  • The "holocaust Industry" claim that Irving is the no. 1 Revisionist is a straw man, a false, but useful argument for them. - Weber, while generally considered a gentleman, is accused of being more interested in making money, though he has done some good work in the past. - Weber's lack of new publications indicates he's living off of his past efforts. - some participants were less than kind to both men

Citing Nuremberg as 'proof'? But why?

  • There are many threads here which go into the Nuremberg postwar trials, but in this thread we are reminded of just how bizarre and utterly criminal the Nuremberg Show Trials were.
  • Nuremberg is claimed to have produced 'proof' of the 'holocaust' as alleged, as well as provided a basis for contemporary international law.
  • Nothing could be further from the truth.
  • Jewish supremacists and True Believers would be better off not citing these sham proceedings. - Most supporters of the proceedings have not read them.
  • One of the masters, if not THE master of Nuremberg is Carlos Whitlock Porter. His website makes mincemeat of the claims concerning the post-war Nuremberg Trials. Be sure to have a look at it, a Revisionist must-read.

"Holocaust accusations fall into three categories: the impossibly ridiculous, the ridiculously impossible, and the hopelessly insane." —Carlos Porter

Confirmed by the British Cremation Society

  • The 'holocaust' narrative claims that the SS at Auschwitz / Birkenau could cremate gassed Jews in mere minutes.
  • It is also claimed that multiple Jews were crammed into each muffle (muffle = the enclosure for the corpse) to save fuel and time.
  • See the impossibility of that claim discussed as well as a damning response from the British Cremation Society via a letter that was sent to them, and their response, here is the letter:

"I am writing an essay, and it is about cremation and how it works. I have some general information regarding the process, however, I am wanting to know some technical information. In the course of cremation, is it possible to cremate a body in as little as 30 minutes? What happens if you go over the heat specified in the cremation process? I have heard of some people in the UK who were burning multiple bodies together to save money, would this not damage the ovens? And would the amount of time take less than a single cremation? I await your response, and I do apologize for asking too many technical questions.

“Sincerely, Edward."

  • the following response was originally posted with the specific respondent’s name, but the name has been removed for his / her wellbeing.

"Dear Edward:

“Thank you for your enquiry. I am attaching some information issued by the Federation of Burial & Cremation Authorities, but in brief: It is not possible to cremate a body in 30 minutes; multiple cremations do not occur – a cremator can only accommodate one body at a time although a large number of crematoria have more than one cremator. Have you considered asking your local crematorium if they could give you a tour? They will be able to answer all your questions on the spot. I hope the enclosed is of assistance. Please let me know if you require any further information.

“Kind regards. [….] The Cremation Society of Great Britain"

  • Within this discussion the Brit who sent the letter states: "Also, if anyone has any doubts, they can contact the email above, or the Cremation Society of America."

The Holocaust religion

  • A comparison of common religious themes, pilgrimages, 'relics'.
  • Saints such as Elie Wiesel & Simon Wiesenthal
  • Intolerance of infidels & heretics
  • Is, in the end, meant to control people, like most religions.

Diesel engines were claimed to be used!

  • Knowing that they have again made an impossible claim, in this case that diesel fumes were used as a mass murder weapon, the 'holocaust' shysters have tried repeatedly to change their story. The problem is their attempted switch from diesel to gasoline is too late.
  • They tried to change it over to gasoline engines, yet the witness in this testimony said a Russian T-34 tank was used. These are diesels.
  • In discussing the Gerstein 'statements'; Leon Poliakov, who is a French speaking Jewish 'historian', said: "there is little to add to this description [the Gerstein statement] which holds good for Treblinka, Sobibor as well as for the Belzec camp. The latter installations were constructed in almost the same way and also used the exhaust carbon monoxide gases from Diesel motors as death agents."
  • According to Poliakov, more than a million and a half people were killed with Diesel exhaust. (fn. 10) - for more on the alleged 'diesel gassings' and see why Yad Vashem would attempt to switch:
  • said one respondent: "I have to admire their chutzpah. The only *evidence* they have is testimony, but the testimony doesn't fit with science, so they ignore the *evidence* and change the *facts* to fit the myth."
  • Eichmann talked of a Russian submarine engine in his trial. It's in One Third of the Holocaust, Episode 28 at about 7 minutes 30, at:
  • My experiences with "Holocaust" teaching in schools
  • a new registrant speaks about the inner conflict he felt with regard to the teaching he received concerning the 'holocaust' storyline
  • a noticeable lack of teaching about the brutality and genocide against Christians by the communists under Stalin - a respondent said it is so typical of conditioning and 'the Big Lie' technique.
  • "Repeat something long enough and the sheeple will believe it."
  • one individual chimed in with ways in which this teacher could stretch the envelope by bringing up suggestive ideas such as "The most documented event in all of human history" could be questioned with "are these court-verified documents?" and "where can I read them?"
  • much more

Communist Katyn Massacres reveal lack of 'holocaust' proof

  • reference to the thousands of Poles murdered by the Soviets, but was blamed on the Germans
  • was accepted as a German atrocity at Nuremberg
  • much later it is accepted as a communist act
  • a link to the methodical, graphic, and verifiable excavations done by the Germans
  • numerous international parties attended and verified the excavation
  • there has never been an excavation as such of claimed 'holocaust' mass graves, never
  • link posted which confirms other actions by the communists which were blamed on the Germans,


"A Government commission has concluded that thousands of people buried in a mass grave outside Kiev were killed during Stalin's repressions, not by Nazi soldiers, the official press agency Tass reported today. [...] Villagers in Bykovnia broke five decades of silence to accuse Stalin's secret police after the Ukrainian government erected a monument in May 1988 blaming Nazi occupiers for the crime. The villagers in December forced Ukrainian authorities to establish the commission, saying three previous investigations had covered up the truth by blaming Nazi troops."


 "The single bullet hole in each skull offers the most chilling evidence that these victims - up to 300,000 by one unofficial estimate - were killed by Josef Stalin's secret police, not the Nazis as the Soviet government claims. Stalin's men shot people in the back of the head. The Nazis usually lined up their victims on the side of a ravine and machine-gunned them, said Mikola G. Lysenko, a retired economist who is crusading to end what he considers a conspiracy of lies."

Graf decapitates T. Kranz on Majdanek

  • here we have reference to a damning indictment against the absurd claims made about the Majdanek camp
  • Juergen Graf simply makes mincemeat of Thomas Kranz's claims that Majdanek was a death camp complete with 'gas chambers'
  • Where does Kranz get this 80,000 victims from?
  • "In an attempt to maintain some sort 'death camp' narrative, IOW, damage control, Kranz resorts to the typical Believer affinity for lying."

As you can see, it was another informative month at the CODOH Revisionist Forum. We welcome everyone and all opinions regarding the 'holocaust' storyline. Just register and give us your take on it. Our guidelines assure everyone a debate free from the usual distractions.

Regards, Hannover

My motto: If it can't happen as alleged, then it didn't.

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