Revisionism: An Ideology of Liberation

Published: 2005-09-01

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The Political and Economic Situation of Germany

The German nation is dying out. In 50 years our Volk will be a minority in our own country, if present demographic trends continue. A hundred years from now it will for all practical purposes have ceased to exist. For the most part, Germans are being replaced by Turks: Germany is becoming Islamic. In view of the cocky radicalism with which the Turks have set their sights on taking over central Europe, it is clear that blond hair and blue eyes will be a great disadvantage in the second half of the 21st Century. What the Turks lost with their swords at Vienna in 1683, they are winning today with their vaginas.

With the exception of a few brief periods, unemployment in Germany has risen steadily since the mid 1970s, as has the number of welfare recipients. In conjunction with this has come the growth of public indebtedness, with a corresponding increase in the tax burden for the portion of the population that is still gainfully employed. Public debt is now rising faster than the Gross National Product, which means that an ever-growing portion of GNP consists of servicing the debt industry rather than producing goods and services. The economy is being strangled. We have reached the point of no return. Collapse can be delayed but not avoided.

Concurrently, Germany has consistently run a foreign trade surplus, which in the last few years has risen dramatically. Germany earns more than it spends. In other words, Germany is stinking rich.

How can these scenarios coexist? It's quite simple, really. Our national wealth is being redistributed from bottom to top. Just as in the popular old American song: "…the rich get richer and the poor get poorer."More and more of the wealth is concentrated in fewer and fewer hands.

One of the principal mechanisms for this redistribution of wealth is public indebtedness. The government borrows money from the people who buy its instruments of indebtedness and the taxpayers pay interest, both simple and compound.

And who pays most of the taxes in Germany? Working people, salaried employees and the middle class. But, who has the money to buy those huge amounts of government bonds bearing interest that is paid with our taxes? Who rakes in the interest, simple and compound, year after year after year? The financial oligarchy, obviously. Those individuals who are awash in money.

Thus, the amount of public indebtedness is roughly equal to the amount of wealth that the government has redistributed from the middle classes to the wealthy. Theoretically this process can continue until the middle class becomes so poor that it no longer has money to pay taxes, that is, until the oligarchs have accumulated everything and the poor own nothing at all. The resultant social tensions would of necessity lead to revolt and revolution. This road to revolution is paved with draconian measures of political coercion designed to hinder economic reforms, as democracy gradually gives way to dictatorship. Germany has already progressed a long way down this road.

Any solution that offers a chance of alleviating the gathering demographic catastrophe and reverse the redistribution of wealth must have a political program. Such programs are ruthlessly attacked by the Establishment as being extremist or "Nazi." They are obstructed by dictatorial measures of repression that include the banning of political parties, prosecution in the courts, and proscription of the right to exercise one's profession. Peaceful solutions that might result from an open discussion of options and alternatives are effectively eliminated.

The Political and Economic Situation in Europe

A glance beyond the borders of Germany shows that the situation in other European countries is no different. Italy's demographic dilemma is even worse than Germany's. Even in Poland the population is declining drastically, while the Russian nation is collapsing under the economic catastrophe.

Ireland appears to be the only country with a stable population. While the native population of Europe is declining, immigration from other continents is increasing. The immigrant's country of origin is usually determined by the colonial history of the European nation. In France, immigration comes mostly from the western Arab countries; in England, from India and various black African countries, the Caribbean, etc.

Economic developments in all the European countries parallel those in Germany. All Europe is reaping a huge foreign trade surplus and growing ever richer in worldly goods, while the population is growing poorer. Exceptions are a few little countries where "everyone is rich" such as Luxembourg, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. All the others are caught in the same debt and interest trap as Germany: the redistribution of wealth from bottom to top is leading to strangulation of the economy and growing social tensions.

In reaction to these intensifying ethno-demographic and socio-economic stresses, nearly all the European power holders are reacting the same way. In France, they first amended their election laws to keep the Front National out of Parliament, then prosecuted the chairman of the party on account of his objectionable historical views. In England they recently arrested the leaders of the British National Party for allegedly inciting the masses to hate immigrants. In Belgium they outlawed the leading Flemish Flamse Block for articulating radical proposals to solve the demographic crisis. And in the Netherlands, the rightwing opposition leader Pim Fortuyn and the literary critic of organized crime Theo van Gogh were assassinated. Censorship laws against dissidents have been introduced in almost every European country, always directed against "right" views.

The Global Political and Economic Situation

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the USA became the undisputed dominant world power.

The government of the USA is even deeper in debt than the European countries, although its GNP is still growing faster than the national debt. This is purely domestic growth, however, since it is produced exclusively by the "illegal" immigration of millions of impoverished refugees from Central and South America. Furthermore, the foreign trade balance of the USA has been negative since 1980. Since the end of the 90s, this deficit has grown to be so gigantic (around 5% of its yearly GNP flows to foreign countries) that one has to speak of the installment sale of America.

This deficit is financed by public and private debt. Both of these have reached a level at which repayment is impossible without a gigantic redistribution of wealth that must lead to a tremendous increase in social tensions, and the US already has the most glaring contrast between rich and poor. No other country has such an unequal distribution of wealth; and private and public indebtedness exacerbates the situation. If we include the Los Angeles race riots of 1992 and the Cincinnati riots of 2001 in the equation, we can see that the "melting pot" theory is clearly invalid. There is racial dynamite as well as socioeconomic tension within the usually quiescent American volcano, which can erupt at any time.

The whole world, including wealthy Europeans and Asians, has collaborated to keep the American economy growing with constantly increasing loans and credits. Either they have faith in the never ending growth of the US economy, or they feel they have no choice, or both. This also explains why the US rulers have not undertaken measures to stop "illegal" mass immigration into the US, even though it increases social and racial tensions. If this mass immigration should stop, America's real economic growth would come to an abrupt halt. Such a development would create loss of confidence among America's foreign creditors, which in turn would lead to a collapse of the dollar and with it, the US and world economies.

Almost all the countries of the Third World are so deeply in debt to the Western nations that their principal economic efforts are directed toward paying interest on their debts, just to keep creditors at bay. They are in a position similar to that of Germany under the Dawes Plan in the 1920s.

In other words: there is also a relentless global redistribution of wealth under way from poor to rich countries, again driven by "Interest Slavery." The resulting ever increasing poverty has produced a global tsunami of migration into the wealthier countries, with the consequences described above.

A generalized forgiveness of debt for the Third World is required. However, this would cause tremendous dislocations within global financial circles, since many American bank loans are uninsured. By contrast, European banks usually require greater security; they "forgive" debts by taking over parts of the economies of debtor nations. In other words: By "forgiving" loans, Wall Street would lose much of its power and fall into the hands of European banks, primarily those in Frankfurt. This very nearly happened at the beginning of the 1980s, when a collapse of the entire US banking system was avoided only by massive intervention on the part of the US government.

In 1999, Asia barely scraped past economic collapse. Since then, the national economies of the Asian "Tiger Countries" have been hanging by a thread.

Overcapacity in the Asiatic sphere has led to deflation (a negative rate of inflation) and stagnating economies. Public indebtedness, in which there is no such thing as negative interest, has reached a level that presents a real threat to economic growth (in Japan for example.)

As long as the US economy continues to grow and absorb at least part of Asia's overproduction, we can expect the present situation to continue. When the US economy hits the skids, however, it will probably produce another "domino effect" that will pull the whole world into the economic abyss, just as in 1929. We can expect that authoritarian or totalitarian regimes will resort to perpetual war and warlike conflicts to distract the masses from domestic social tensions, thus "solving" the recurrent economic crisis temporarily./p>

Considered from this perspective we can understand part of the motivation that led to the US war against Iraq. In 2002, Iraq abandoned the dollar and begun conducting all foreign transactions in euros. If at that time other oil exporting nations had followed Iraq's example, as several considered doing, the dollar would have already collapsed.

The Enemies of Mankind

It is inevitable that every lender will demand compensation for lending money or goods, which is interest. The decisive factor in the development of the debt crisis has not been simple interest, but rather compound interest (interest on interest.)

This is what has caused the exponential explosion of debt worldwide. No mathematical function rises faster than that of compound interest. For this reason, compound interest must be considered the principal enemy of mankind. Breaking the slavery of compound interest is the only way out of the diabolical cycles of indebtedness, poverty, dictatorship, war and revolution which has left such a terrifying trail of blood throughout history.

Needless to say, expressing such observations means making enemies of all those whose wealth and power is built on compound interest. This includes everyone whose wealth is derived not from honorable productive work, but rather from the debts of others.

Their names are easily identified. They are the international financiers who enslave entire national economies, the global plutocrats who lend to the public as well as to corrupt and irresponsible officials who go about recklessly creating public debt. They are the wealthy, powerful and unscrupulous of this world, the worst enemies one can have, assisted by political and media mobs whose task it is to marginalize and prosecute those who oppose the common enemy.

Among the enemies of mankind must be included the ideologues who prepare the work of international large-scale capitalism by insisting on the destruction of national ethnic and cultural identity.

They are creating a homogenized, deculturated global mass of consumers who have lost their identity and whose global mass demands can be profitably satisfied by global mass production. We are witnessing the genesis of standardized Mass Man, whose political and social thought can be globally directed by means of standardized mass propaganda. It is the perfect preface to the global reign of the Super Rich. The trail blazer for this Homo Anonymous is clearly the person who raves about the "Equality of All Mankind" and proclaims the inhuman gospel that we must abolish borders (destroy nations) and combine cultures (destroy culture.)

The Lie as an Instrument to Rule

The world has stood before such an abyss once before. The year was 1928. At that time the world fell into the abyss, initiating the "dog-eat-dog" era of each against all. Everyone attempted to save whatever could be saved, at the expense of the weakest. In those days Germany was the weakest nations of all, since it had lost the First World War and had been robbed and plundered by the rest of the world. Most of the world continued to flounder until the Second World War extricated it from economic paralysis by devastating Central Europe.

Before the Second World War, one country did succeed in overcoming the world crisis within its own borders. It was considered the least likely to succeed, since it was the weakest and most defenseless of all. Like Phoenix, it rose from the ashes despite all obstacles. While the world continued struggling with the debt crisis, it climbed from economic paralysis to general prosperity.

In an impoverished world filled with social strife, this country put poverty and social tensions behind it.

It did this despite being boycotted, isolated and declared a leper by the rich and powerful. It was truly a country like no other: Germany between the years 1933 and 1939.

In those days, Germany succeeded in breaking the bonds of interest slavery. It defied and jeopardized the tyranny of Wall Street and London City by detouring around "hard currency" and the global plutocracy. It accomplished this by dealing directly with other countries through barter transactions, developing a system of direct international exchange. It cast off the historic fetters of "exclusive guilt" for the outbreak of World War I and refused to continue as the slave of its enemies.

Consider the following remarks by an acknowledged financial expert. In a circular letter written in July 2003, the President of Glenview State Bank in Illinois wrote:

"The Great Depression of the 1930's saw falling prices, staggering unemployment and shattered stock markets all over the world, and the world's leading statesmen seemed helpless to defeat it. Except for one. His name was Adolf Hitler. Unlike France and Britain, and unlike the United States, Germany spent most of the 1930's growing economically, not declining. If we can understand why Depression-era Germany resisted the disease, we may better understand how alarmed we should be today in the 21st century." (Chicago Sun-Times, 30 July 2003)

Not surprisingly, these remarks enraged the American Jews, who quickly suppressed the letter.

The subject of that letter is the key to our problem.

If it is true that Hitler enjoyed great success while the rest of the world was floundering, and if Hitler could be stopped only by destroying his country and rooting out his ideas, shouldn't that inspire us to ask the secret of his success?

Since nearly all wars have economic causes, it should not surprise us if the Second World War had them as well. So, what hinders us from objectively researching Hitler's economic secret? That question can be answered with one word:

The Holocaust

If the world had not been convinced that Hitler gassed Jews, his ideas could be considered rationally, like those of other political leaders. We would not be deterred by the greatest taboo of all time. We would be able to resist our Pavlovian conditioning and we could react with some degree of objectivity to the ideas of Hitler and his economic advisors. We would find some of their ideas worthy of imitation. The Holocaust myth hinders this, however. It hinders it in such a drastic way that in Germany, it is now actually against the law to say anything positive about Hitler or the Third Reich.

The historic lie has always been a principal instrument for gaining and maintaining political power. The Catholic Church's falsification of the Donation of Constantinople secured its totalitarian rule in Europe for a thousand years.

Revisionism: The Main Enemy of the Big Lie

Revision is the reconsideration and possible correction of historical allegations. Nothing is more vitally important for the success of democracy, for the self-evident reason that Revision alone can set the record straight. When governments base their authority upon lies, it is the task of Historical Revisionism to expose these lies. Only Revisionism can deprive tyrants of moral justification for their misrule. Revisionism is a quest for truth and justice and must proceed in an objective and scientific manner. Nevertheless (perhaps therefore) it is a highly effective method for liberating our repressed nations, which makes it a revolutionary activity.

The Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword!

The revelation that the Donation of Constantine was a forgery motivated Martin Luther to reform the Church, which brought about the Protestant Reformation and eventually an end to totalitarian rule by the medieval Church. This lesson is not lost on the tyrants of our time. It explains why Holocaust Revisionists are socially persecuted everywhere in the Western world and why, in many countries, they are imprisoned and their writings burned by government censors.

We Revisionists wield the mightiest weapon of all, the pen. Today we could not exist without the Internet, which is "fireproof" in every sense of the word. With the Internet we are able to unmask the lies of even the most powerful tyrants, thereby destroying the moral foundations of their misrule. We are doing nothing less than preparing the way for a coming Revolution:

  • Liberation of the Third World from interest slavery;
  • Heading off demographic catastrophe in Europe;
  • Interrupting the redistribution of wealth from poor to rich;
  • And most importantly of all, putting an end to the ethnic, cultural, economic and ecological devastation of our planet by the global plutocracy.

All these things depend on exposing and undermining the moral foundation of today's misrulers.

With exposure of the Holocaust myth, these rulers lose more than mere justification for the never ending occupation and plundering of Germany and the Arab countries. They also lose their ideological "air superiority" which they have enjoyed throughout the Western world for over half a century. Without this "air superiority" their global ideologies of human homogenization and deculturization will have to compete with national identity movements throughout the world.

The Indians of the Amazon are not the only peoples struggling to retain their right to self-determination./p>

This is equally true of the Germans, French, English, Scotch, Flemish and Kurds. Holocaust Revisionism is liberation ideology for the poor, the persecuted and marginalized of the whole world. Its liberating appeal is particularly strong for us Germans as well as for all Arabs, especially those in Palestine and Iraq. This is true everywhere, with exception of the ruling clique that collaborates with "the enemies of all mankind" as the French Father of Revisionism Dr. Robert Faurisson so aptly characterizes them.

Our Path and Our Goal

Their strategy for combating Revisionism and other movements that could threaten their power is clear:

To slander, demonize and isolate Revisionists by equating them with "Nazis" which, in the minds of most people, is evil incarnate. It is the same strategy the Inquisition used against "heretics" at the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of modern times. We are accused of being in league with the Devil, and we all know the consequences of that.

Revisionism is the tool that blunts the edge of that deadly ideological weapon of denunciation as "Nazi."

When Revisionism becomes established, the tyrants lose their demagogical super weapon.

At present, the world mass media is under control of the global plutocracy. We can expect the media to increase its use of atrocity propaganda (Nazi! Holocaust! Never forget!) as this control becomes less secure. As long as the economic situation of the majority continues to be endurable, they will believe what the mass media tell them. The Revisionists have no medium with which to counter the persuasive power of Television backed by unlimited billions of dollars.

It would be illusory to believe that we can bring about change in public consciousness with pamphlets, chain letters, CDs and free brochures, which are pinpricks against the armor of global plutocracy. Still, Globalism's reactions to our pinpricks show that they are aware of their Achilles heel, the spot where they are vulnerable. The result is increasing repression. They are increasing fear, dislike and dissatisfaction within the masses, and with this increase comes increased receptiveness to Revisionist ideas. We must not fail to utilize this blowback effect. Nothing more is needed for escalation of this interaction, that is, for a catastrophic resonance effect, than the pathetic cooperation a few of the less active Revisionists in spreading the word.

In the worst case there will be a titanic train wreck of the world economy which will bring unparalleled misery to the masses, and that will open their ears to our alternative views. In the meantime, Revisionism must create an intellectual basis upon which the gathering political revision in Germany, Europe and the world can build. In concrete terms this means that we must use the inadequate resources at our disposal to make our historical theses watertight. Finally, our work must be of such high quality that established historians can not avoid either making themselves look ridiculous, or else changing sides.

Our highly specialized modern society demands extreme specialization of labor. Not everyone can be an expert on historical questions. Jurists, journalists and politicians all have to rely on the judgments of historians when they judge or report on historical matters. As long as these historians march to the drums of ruling dogma, the alpha types among them can have no hope for success should they openly acknowledge a change of opinion regarding "Holocaust."To do this, they need the protection of acknowledged experts.

Most historians are teachers paid with tax dollars.

With the exception of a few successful authors, there is no other market for their skills. In other words, historians are at the mercy of their respective government. They are extremely sensitive to threats and extortion by the common enemy. Dr. Zarnow's article in this issue shows that there are historians who are not completely intimidated, however. (Dr. Zarnow is not the only professional historian who collaborates with our revisionist endeavors behind the scenes.)

Our greatest enemy is simple fear. In order to minimize this fear, we offer every historian who wants to write real history, the option of using pseudonyms and working with us in secret.

In this way our effectiveness and persuasiveness increase along with our appeal to other historians.

This feedback effect is another device on which we can rely. We will release the true identities of these experts and historians only when they agree to it and we have enough professionals on our side to make show trials impossible without overwhelming the legal systems in Germany and Europe.

Our path is still steep and rocky. In order to minimize resistance, we should adhere to these two principles:

1. Divide and Conquer: We should make as few enemies as possible. If we exclude certain groups from our ranks at the outset, the only ones to benefit will be our enemies. Among my clients are Germans and Turks, atheists and Jews, and activists from both right and left. We are not interested in our allies' appearance or place or condition of birth. The only important thing is that they oppose Globalism. The conflict to be resolved is not specific to any ethnic or religious group.

We must also include members of the ruling elite. They too recognize that the ruthless redistribution of wealth from bottom to top and the dissolution of ethnic and cultural identity are unsustainable. It is in their interest to rethink the prevailing taboos and seek a peaceful solution that is socially and ethnically just.

2. Moral Hegemony: The ruling clique is losing moral legitimacy by limiting human rights and increasing social and ethnic tensions. We must offer the peoples of the world an alternative that is morally superior. Our guiding star must be the right to individual as well as collective self-determination, as expressed in the Rights of Men and the Rights of Nations. It would be fatal if we demanded freedom of speech and scientific research for ourselves but moved to restrict the rights of our opponents. In that case, what would distinguish us from the present censors? We should avoid criticizing others simply because they have differing views regarding the Holocaust.

To come back to Lorenzo Valla: History shows that, when paradigm changes occur, simply reversing or changing dogma does not lead to a peaceful solution.

Only an end to all legally enforced dogma can bring about lasting peace. It was not a forced Reformation or Counter Reformation that finally brought peace to Germany after the first Thirty Years War, but rather religious tolerance.

In the present religious struggle, there will be peace only when one's concept of the Holocaust no longer matters. The Revisionist reformation must not call for the persecution of Exterminationists, as Dr. Nowak repeatedly points out. Instead, we must demand tolerance for the views of our opponents as well as our own. Only in this way can we appeal to our fellow men. Only in this way can we win moral hegemony. Only in this way can we end the present religious struggle and bring peace to Germany, Europe and the world.

Lorenzo Valla, who exposed the Donation of Constantine as a forgery, did not live to see the end of the Catholics' abuse of power. Times change faster today, so we could be more fortunate than Valla. But even if we do not live to see the end of the present repression and enforced Holocaust lies, our efforts will still have a deeper historic meaning.

Our hour will come.

"Conduct yourself at all times, as though the maxims of your will were the principles of a general law."—Immanuel Kant.

"Here I stand, I can do no other."—Martin Luther.

"I dared to try."—Ullrich von Hutten.

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