Revisionism Rampant ‘round the Globe

Published: 1996-12-01

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David Irving has threatened to sue Australian Prime Minister John Howard for calling him a "crackpot historian" and a criminal (due to his arrests for revisionism) on November 8th. Irving was denied a visa by Australian authorities a few days before. ... The Adelaide Institute (P.O. Box 3300, Norwood, 5067 Australia) reports that two leading Australian historians—Trevor Wilson, University of Adelaide and Robin Prior,

Australian Defense Force Academy lamented in a letter published in The Australian (October 24th) that “In a truly alarming development, a section of far-right historians [which somehow includes British establishment pillar John Charmley—ed.] has begun embracing his [Irving's] vendetta against Churchill.” Not bad, for a crackpot. Jacques Baynac's September 2nd article in Le Nouveau Quotidien (see the Faurisson article elsewhere in this issue) also reports that Roger Garaudy's Holocaust revisionist Founding Myths of Israeli Politics was seized last June in Switzerland, and a bookseller in Montreux charged, under Switzerland's law criminalizing Holocaust revisionism. ... Michael Hoffman e-mails the London Telegraph, to call "a load of bollocks" their uncritical November 20th report of hitherto unknown atrocities carried out by Germans during their wartime occupation of Britain's Channel Islands, until now famous only for the absence of resistance to the Germans (although British guerrillas stirred up bloody guerrilla attacks and reprisals everywhere else in German-occupied Europe). Chief new atrocity: a Russian POW crucified, then frozen to death, by the Germans. Old hands will recall the notorious WWI "Crucified Canadian" dreamed up by Allied propagandists. ... Meanwhile, the only real candidate for "Crucified Canadian," Ernst Zuendel, faces new harassment from Canada's Secret Intelligence Review Committee, which discredited group Zuendel was able to cow last spring (see SR#34). SERC is now petitioning for “intervenor status” in the immigration ministry’s court fight to deport Zuendel—meaning more time, more trouble, more expense for Ernst. That news was gleaned from his colleague, Ingrid Rimland, in her on-line Zuendelgram []. Ingrid, an award-winning California novelist who grew up in Paraguay in a German Mennonite community of refugees from the USSR and the Bundesrepublik, writes a matchless commentary on Ernst Zuendel's travails and triumphs, as well as the larger revisionist battle for honor and truth—every day (....Latest word from maverick revisionist David Wayfield, banned from the Tisbury town library on Martha's Vineyard in 1991 due to his revisionist views, and falsely accused of swiping a menorah that the library turned out to have misplaced (so much for separation of synagogue and state!), is that a federal judge has refused to dismiss Wayfield's $10 million suit against Tisbury, and the suit is moving forward.

From time to time, this space will report on publications that reach us from our friends at home and abroad. From Belgium, the Stichting Vrij Historisch Onderzoek (European Foundation for Free Historical Research, address: P.O. Box 60, B-2600 Berchem 2, Belgium) publishes and sells many books, pamphlets and videos in German, English and French, including a well-organized, two-volume paperback set of revisionist positions on the Holocaust: La Controverse sur l'Extermination des Juifs par les Allemands. ... In Germany the Verlag der Freunde (The Friends' Publishing House) and its principals, Andreas Roehler and Peter Toepfer, are in hot water with the censors for publishing a variety of revisionist, European new right and Nazi (for example, an SS song book) materials, including an intelligent review titled Sleipnir. Not precisely CODOH's cup of tea, but the Verlag can be contacted at: Verlag der Freunde, Postfach 350264, D-10211 Berlin, Germany. Tel/fax: 49-/0/-30 927863.... L'Autre Histoire (The Other History), edited by Breton revisionist and CODOH friend Trystan Mordrel, brims with interesting articles and excellent illustrations. The latest issue to reach us (October 16, 1996) includes an interview with Roger Garaudy, a gas-chamber true believer's critique of Garaudy and Robert Faurisson, and Garaudy's response, as well as articles on Goebbels and Goering, and more. Address: L’Autre Histoire, BP 3, 35134 Coesmes, Bretagne, France.

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