Revisionism to the World!

Published: 1996-12-01

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Following is a partial list of the revisionist materials posted on CODOHWeb which I can send you in printed form. It costs about ten cents per printed page, plus postage and handling, to get it to you. Your contribution over and above that amount, if possible, is much appreciated.

The Controversy about the Extermination of the Jews, Germar Rudolf. The cultural, political and legal tools used to prohibit intellectual freedom in modern Germany. A detailed, powerful indictment. 28pp.

The "Gas Chambers" at Auschwitz and Majdanek, Germar Rudolf. 32pp.

Dissident Authors Index. Full listing of authors whose work is posted on CODOHWeb. 9pp. Alphabetical Index by Subject and Title. 7pp. The two together--16pp.

Auschwitz: Das Ende einer Legende, Carlo Mattogno. 50pp.

Typhus and the Jews (update), Friedrich Paul Berg. 29pp.

Remers Kommentare zum Rudolf Gutachten, Germar Rudolf.

The Fraud of Zionism, by Wilbur Sensor. 9pp.

Recent Congressional Record Entries addressing the Holocaust story. 5pp.

First-ever translations into English by Carlos Porter.

Katyn: How the Soviets Manufactured War Crime Documents for the Nuremberg Court. 33pp.
Document 008-USSR. Report by the Soviet War Crimes Commission on Auschwitz, 6 May 1945. 17pp.
Japanese War Crimes Trials. Many comic testimonies, such as “Queer Facts, or, How I Ate Gall Bladders While Writing My Diary.” 18pp.

The Ruling Discourse. Bradley R. Smith. Opening chapter to Smith’s everlasting work-in-progress. 9pp.

The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics. Roger Garaudy. 122pp. The book which caused an uproar in France by confronting Zionism and the Jewish Holocaust story head-on. Includes the open letter from Abbe Pierre to Garaudy of 15 April 96. Spiral-bound.Contribution $35.00

The Holocaust Controversy: The Case for Open Debate. Bradley Smith. The most widely read revisionist essay ever published. This new printing contains our new address for CODOHWeb and a mug shot of myself. Eight panels. 10 copies $2. 50 copies $5. 100 or more copies 8 cents each (all postpaid).

(If you still have copies of this leaflet that do not have my photo on the front panel, send me a card and I will replace them with copies from the new printing at no charge.)

My very best wishes for the holidays!


[Offer no longer valid; ed.]

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