Revisionism to the World!

Published: 1997-01-01

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Following is a partial list of revisionist materials posted on CODOHWeb which I can send you in printed form. It costs about ten cents per printed page, plus postage and handling, to get them to you. Your contribution over and above that amount, if possible, is much appreciated.

Professor Author Butz Challenged over his Internet site on the World Wide Web. Stories from the Chicago Tribune, Northwestern Daily, Chicago Jewish News, and etc. About 10pp.

The July 20th Conspirators and the Catholic Church, by William Michael. Michael reprints “My Role in Berlin on July 20, 1944" by Gen. Otto Ernst Remer, the (then) Major who was largely responsible for thwarting the coup attempt (translated from the German by Mark Weber, IHR). Michael then discusses, from a Catholic perspective, the “Just War” claims of the Allies during WWII, the morality of tyrannicide and other issues. 16pp.

European History and the Arab World, by Serge Thion. This is Chapter 5 of Une Allumette sur la banquise (One Match on the Ice Floe) which was privately printed and distributed in France in 1993. It was originally intended to be the forward to the Arabic edition of the book, Historical Truth or Political Truth?, which was about to appear in Beirut when the Israeli invasion of Lebanon took place, scattering the small group whose publishing initiative it was. Thion is a noted scholar with a unique perspective, a personal voice, and a sense of the comic. 28pp.

The Value of Testimony and Confessions Concerning the Holocaust, by Germar Rudolf (writing as Manfred Koehler). The ex-Max Planck scholar with a thorough, and thoroughly devastating, overview of how the Allies employed testimonies and confessions against the Germans. Much of this will be new to you. 50pp (including 20pp of notes and references).

The Natural Order of Things (1996), Bradley Smith. New chapter for Smith’s never-ending “work in progress.” Smith’s natural inclination for chaotic rumination is ignited when a young Internet activist writes that once he discovered the “natural order of things” he became a National Socialist.

The Controversy about the Extermination of the Jews, Germar Rudolf. The cultural, political and legal tools used to prohibit intellectual freedom in modern Germany. A detailed, powerful indictment. 28pp.

Dissident Authors Index. Full listing of authors whose work is posted on CODOHWeb. 9pp. Alphabetical Index by Subject and Title. 7pp. The two together—16pp.

Translations of three Nuremberg documents into English by Carlos Porter. You most likely will not find them any place else.

Katyn: How the Soviets Manufactured War Crime Documents for the Nuremberg Court. 33pp.

Report by the Soviet War Crimes Commission on Auschwitz, 6 May 1945. 17pp.

Japanese War Crimes Trials. A brief survey. 18pp.

The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics. Roger Garaudy. 122pp. The book which caused an uproar in France by confronting Zionism and the Jewish Holocaust story head-on. Includes the open letter from Abbe Pierre to Garaudy of 15 April 96. Spiral-bound. Contribution $35.00

The Holocaust Controversy: The Case for Open Debate. Bradley Smith. The most widely read revisionist essay ever published. This new printing contains our new address for CODOHWeb and a mug shot of my self. Eight panels. Sample copy your sase. 10 copies $2. 50 copies $5. 100 or more copies 8 cents each (all postpaid).

Willis Carto and the Liberty Lobby Ordered to Pay IHR $10 Million. 13 November “letter” by Judge Runston Maino on his reaction to trial testimony. Judge Maino’s 14 November “Statement of Decision.” 18 November IHR press release. One or more press clippings. 16+ pp. (Contribution $10)

Jacques Baynac, French Historian, Calls for an End to Repression of Revisionism. Two stunning articles from the September 2 and 3 editions of the Swiss (Lausanne) newspaper Le Nouveau Quotidien. Baynac describes the chaos that Holocaust revisionism has unleashed among French intellectuals. “Heartbreaking as it is to hear it or to say it,” there is no documentary or technical evidence for the existence of the gas chambers. (Our translation.) 4pp.
If you read French we’ll include photocopies of the original as well. (Contribution $10)

My very best wishes for the New Year!


[The offer is no longer valid; ed.]

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