Revisionism to the World!

Published: 1997-03-01

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This month the college students and professors who are accessing CODOHWeb thanks to the Campus Project (and to the exertions of concerned college instructors—see above) will find several articles that put the lie to some of the central claims of Schindler’s List. Michael Hoffman and Alan Critchley’s review “Schindler’s Mist: Spielberg’s Fraud in Schindler's List” makes valuable points against the movie’s reliability. They point out that Plaszow camp commandant Amon Goeth (portrayed by Ralph Fiennes in the movie) was tried, convicted, and imprisoned for theft and murder—by the SS, before the war’s end—a point somehow passed over by the movie’s producer, Steven Spielberg.

Their review also raises the question of: the brutality of Jewish kapos—ignored by Spielberg; Spielberg’s omission of Schindler’s self-proclaimed collaboration with Hungarian Zionist kingpin Reszo Kasztner, who brought himself and his family and friends out of internment at Auschwitz and was later murdered in Israel (see the material on Kastner offered in the Tinbergen Archives Catalog, free at your request).

John Ball’s aerial photography page on CODOHWeb alerts collegians to the fact that, whatever Goeth’s crimes were, they didn’t include shooting inmates in the camp from his balcony. As the contemporary photographs here on display make clear, the layout of the commandant’s house, at the bottom of the hill on which Plaszow was situated, would have made that kind of marksmanshiplike so much else in the Holocaust story—out of this world!

Carlos Porter weighs in with an article in French—“Contreverites dans ‘la Liste de Schindler’” (Countertruths in Schindler's List) that takes aim at novelist Thomas Keneally’s novel, which served as the basis for the movie. Web browsers practicing their French will learn a few truths about Zyklon B, crematoria and the like that Keneally got all wrong in his book. They’ll also learn that the Australian author was right about the prevalence of epidemics in the camps, their use as industrial centers, and the Soviet origins of most Holocaust “evidence.”

And visitors to CODOHWeb will be able to read the article by R. A. Widmann you’ve already read in this issue of SR, on how that central element of the Holocaust myth— the gas chamber—is the missing link in Schindler's List—whatever Gene Siskel thinks.

In short, students—and their teachers—who come to CODOHWeb primed with a largely uncritical acceptance of the latest Hollywood Holocaust blockbuster will encounter informative, nuanced attractively designed (and persuasively illustrated, in the case of the camp photography and 3-dimensional drawings) and, above all, provocative food for thought, for questions, for liberation from the Holocaust cult.

No wonder the ADL is concerned.

Here are a few recent articles posted on CODOHWeb which I can send you in printed form.

The word count averages about 650 words per page—example, 25 pp. equal 15,000+ words). The amount following each document is a suggested contribution.

The Wannsee Protocol - Anatomy of a Forgery, by Johannes Peter Ney. This “protocol” was used for five decades as proof of a “decision” to begin the “extermination” of the European Jews. 16pp. $5

Porter & the German Court. Germany seeks to extend its internal suppression of free inquiry beyond its national borders. Carlos Porter isn’t having it. Includes translations of “The Order of Punishment” by Judge Zeilinger; Porter’s full, dramatic “Response” to the ruling; a courageous open letter of support from Danish Ph.D. Christian Lindtner, “Germany Violates the Freedom of Expression.” 12pp. $10

The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics. Roger Garaudy. The book which caused an uproar in France by confronting Zionism and the Jewish Holocaust story head-on. Includes the open letter from Abbe Pierre to Garaudy of 15 April 96. 122pp. Spiral-bound. $35

Katyn: How the Soviets Manufactured War Crime Documents for the Nuremberg Court. Translated by Carlos Porter. Not available elsewhere. 33pp. $10

The Holocaust Controversy: The Case for Open Debate. Bradley Smith. The most widely read revisionist essay ever published This new printing contains our new address for CODOHWeb and a mug shot of myself. Eight panels. Sample copy your sase. 10 copies $2. 50 copies $5. 100 or more copies 8 cents each (all postpaid).

Jacques Baynac, French Historian. Calls for an End to Repression of Revisionism. Two stunning articles from the September 2 and 3, 1996 editions of the Swiss (Lausanne) newspaper Le Nouveau Quotidien. Baynac describes the chaos that Holocaust revisionism has unleashed among French intellectuals. “Heartbreaking as it is to hear it or to say it,” there is no documentary or technical evidence for the existence of the gas chambers. (Our translation.) 4pp. If you read French we’ll include photocopies of the original as well. (Contribution $10)

Thanks very much for your help, and best wishes!

Bradley R. Smith

[Offer no longer valid; ed.]

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