Revisionist Activities

Published: 2015-11-29

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Germar Rudolf interviewed by Jim Rizoli.jpg

Jim Rizoli has created two more documentaries of “Extraordinary Revisionists.” They feature “revisionist powerhouse” Germar Rudolf (Toben’s words) in an interview in early November lasting some two hours, which was conducted in his home in Pennsylvania (, and Dr. Fredrick Toben from Australia in a Skype interview (some 100 min;

Rizolie also interview John Friend, a revisionist activist writing for The Barnes Review, among other things (53 min;

Gerard Menuhin’s 'Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil'

The Barnes Review released Gerard Menuhin’s Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil. Menuhin, a Germanophile Jew from a famous family, says the “Holocaust” is a wartime propaganda myth which has turned into an extortion racket; Germany is mostly innocent for starting WWII; and during the 1930s Germany was confronted by a powerful Jewish-dominated world plutocracy out to destroy it… (

Horst Mahler Interview DVD

On Nov. 14, during Jez Turner’s London Forum, Lady Michèle Renouf and Richard Edmonds launched an initiative to help lawyers who get prosecuted for free speech violations. Centerpiece in this effort is the new website See their presentation at The current focus is on supporting German lawyer Horst Mahler. Lady Renouf has released a DVD featuring an interview with him dating from 2008. All who donate to support him will receive a copy of this DVD.

Treblinka Archeology Hoax

Eric Hunt’s documentary The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax was shown on a local cable TV channel at 10pm on the eve before Thanksgiving. We will report, if there are any repercussions from this.

Benton Bradburry interview by Jeff Rense

Jeff Rense interviewed Benton Bradburry on his radio show about his fascinating books The Myth of German Villainy. In just 20 minutes this interview conveys concise information about the fallacies directed against Germans and their Reich. Only 20 minutes. (

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