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Published: 2015-09-08

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Starting with this issue, Smith’s Report will report about new revisionist activities and productions. With this we want to increase public awareness of the community’s productivity. This will hopefully improve attention and increase participation in revisionist events, and might help our revisionist producers to successfully market their products.

Our list of activities covers anything which has occurred during earlier months, or which is impending and deserves an early announcement. We strive to include activities and productions form all over the world, no matter which language. The activities and products covered may include, but are not limited to:

  • gatherings, conferences, tours, rallies, media interviews, mainstream media coverage
  • new books, periodical issues, websites, major papers (in print or online), videos or podcast releases

If you want any of your activities or productions to be announced here, please send a brief description to [email protected]. Please write your submission in English. Although we can translate from a number of languages, we’d like to spend our time more productively.

Keep your submissions brief (not more than 2000 characters). If we are interested in publishing longer articles on certain events/items of interest, we will approach you directly.

We have gathered a list of contacts we will approach each month for their submissions. If you did not receive our email, please contact us so we can include you. We hope to receive a steady flow of submissions in the future, so that we can report all pertinent activities.

Nazi Gassings

In July, Friedrich P. Berg published his long-awaited monograph, which was expected to summarize the results of his decade-long revisionist research activities: Nazi Gassings: Thoughts on Life & Death. The book will be reviewed in the upcoming fall issue of Inconvenient History (201 pp., £10/$15;

'Die Vernichtung der europäischen Juden': Hilbergs Riese auf tönernen Füßen

Also in July, Castle Hill Publishers (CHP) released a new, slightly revised and expanded German edition of Jürgen Graf’s critique of the late Raul Hilberg’s classic The Destruction of the European Jews. The book can be obtained either from CHP or from any other book outlet, like Amazon. It is also available as an eBook in Kindle and ePub formats. German outlets are prohibited from offering the book, though: J. Graf, “Die Vernichtung der europä­ischen Juden”: Hilbergs Riese auf töner­nen Füßen, 184 pp., £12/$17. A new English edition appeared in January.

Breaking the Spell & Debating the Holocaust

In addition, CHP published two revised editions of two revisionist bestsellers in August: The first is Nick Kollerstrom’s Breaking the Spell, the second edition of which has only a number of corrections of typos and factual errors (266pp., £20/ $25, 1591480973), whereas the second title is a completely revised and expanded edition of Thomas Dalton’s Debating the Holocaust: A New Look at Both Sides, 322 pp., £18/$25 ( 1591480868). Both books are part of the growing series Holocaust Handbooks, now counting 32 volumes (see at They are also available as eBooks in Kindle and ePub formats.

Central Construction Office of the Waffen-SS and Police Auschwitz

The most boring book ever”—the copy editor’s words—has also been issued in a second edition by CHP in August after the first sold out (some people must love boredom): The Central Construction Office of the Waffen-SS and Police Auschwitz by Carlo Mattogno. Yes, it’s as bad as it sounds. Although boring, it’s still banned in Germany, and hence it’s a collector’s item (vol. 13 of the HH series, 188 pp., £13/$18;

Germar Rudolf PhD thesis

Interestingly, CHP have also released this past August an English translation of Germar Rudolf’s PhD thesis, which he wrote between 1990 and 1993 while working at the Stuttgart Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research. The thesis, which Rudolf had to withdraw in 1996 due to threats from Stuttgart University caused by his revisionist activities, is about solid-state chemistry and theoretical crystallography. This is not exactly anything a revisionist is interested in, except for the revisionist aficionado keen on collecting items written by Rudolf: Periodic Nodal Surfaces: Their Generation, Analysis, and Application in Structural Chemistry, 182 pp. letter size, color illustrations, £30/$50

David Irving's 2015 Poland tour

David Irving is advertising his upcoming tours. It may be over by the time you have this note, but it’s interesting to know what folk are doing.

”Book now for David Irving’s week-long September 2015 guided tour of Hitler’s headquarters and other historic sites. Reserve your place online now with a fully refundable deposit of $500. Apply now, and qualify for a $250 discount.

“The 2015 tour starts on September 2 from Warsaw, Poland, and ends back there on September 10. It includes the bunker headquarters of Adolf Hitler (‘The Wolf’s Lair’), SS chief Heinrich Himmler (‘Hoch­wald’), and the German Army high command, and the sinister Operation Reinhardt sites (Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec, Majdanek). There is also a two-day optional Riga, Latvia tour, beginning on August 31.

REGISTER now for David Irving’s week-long guided tour of Hitler’s Headquarters and other historic sites, September 2-10, 2015. If you book online now here with a fully refundable deposit of $500, you will save $250 on the final ticket price.” (

David Irving at the London Forum

In July 25, the indefatigable Jez Turner hosted yet another London Forum meeting where the famous (or infamous, according to the establishment) British historian David Irving spoke about “Saturation Bombing in World War II – who is to blame?” Being true to himself, though, Irving related many more interesting anecdotes surrounding World War II and its historiography. The speech is posted on YouTube for everyone to view who missed the real thing:

Forgotten British Heroes

Jez Turner was also involved in a two-hour documentary of a wreath-laying event on Aug. 1 sponsored by the “Forgotten British Heroes” campaign lobbying for the commemoration of British service men who died as a result of Jewish attacks in Palestine during the British mandate over the “Holy Land.” Other notables were Lady Michèle Renouf (, Martin Webster, historian Peter Rushton, and Richard Edmonds

True to his record of hyper-activism, French super-revisionist Vincent Reynouard has released a number of hard-hitting videos during the past two months, which are a boon for every francophone on the planet. Here are the titles in English translation:

  • Robert Faurisson, Vincent Reynouard: Appeal to JM le Pen on the “Gas Chambers”
  • “Expelled from the National Front, Le Pen Pays for Having Been Careful about the ‘Gas Chambers’”
  • “At Auschwitz: Open your Eyes, and Don’t Listen to the Guides”
  • “Thanks, with You I Continue the Battle”
  • “Before I Say Good Bye to You”
  • “Revisionism: The Reason for the Silence in Germany”
  • “The Number of Furnaces at Auschwitz Is Not Proof of a Massacre”
  • “The Diabolical Cynicism of the Victors in 1945”
  • “Nagasaki or Oradour: Who Were the Real Savages?”
  • “Jewish Complot” (4 parts)
  • “From Hiroshima to Rothschild”
  • “Another Hammering for Loupi”
  • “Holocaust: More Illusory Evidence”
  • “The Queen of England, the Nazi Salute, and the Happy Lesbians”
  • “Jérôme Bourbon Assaulted: an Analysis”
  • “Race, Racism and Immigration: Breaking the Deadlock”
  • “God, Soral, Zemmour, Mahler: Why Freedom of Expression Disappeared”
  • “Response to Aboudner, the Anti-Revisionist Cross”
  • “Thought Crimes in France: The Mechanisms of a Dictatorship”

See his channel at

And here are some videos which got censored by YouTube:

  • “Gas Chambers”: No Proof after 33 Years of Research
  • Within 2 Months My Judicial Execution
  • François Hollande, Servant of the Jews
  • I am not Charlie

These can be viewed on Vincent’s website at (just as we go to press, the link goes dead…)

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