Revisionist Assault from the Air on Birkenau and Other Camps!

Published: 1996-11-01

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(Widmann studied English and Statistics at major American universities. He is an occasional contributor to Smith's Report and is currently co-Webmaster of CODOHWeb.)

A major event for revisionism in the world of the Internet occurred in October. John Ball, author of Air Photo Evidence and The Ball Report, has brought photographic documentation which destroys various death camp myths to the World Wide Web. His "Air Photo Evidence" site received more than 650 visits during the first two weeks it was available.

For those who are familiar with Air Photo Evidence and The Ball Report, Ball's Website combines the strongest evidence for the revisionist case from each of these works. In addition. Ball has supplemented his original illustrations with new photos and captions which will electrify even those who think that they have seen it all.

The Website features a 3D Map Gallery with color drawings of the Auschwitz I, Birkenau and the Auschwitz-Monowitz camps. Ball's architectural drawings of the Auschwitz camp are the first to appear on the Web. The exterminationists are surely cringing at the clear depictions of Auschwitz swimming pool, theater, and the location where the women's symphony orchestra and the Auschwitz brass band gave Sunday afternoon concerts. They can stare in disbelief at the prisoner’s make-shift clothes-line created out of the "electric" fence. Ball has also posted photographs of the Birkenau camp from the winter and summer of 1945 taken by the Soviets.

Many of the photos of the Katyn Forest Massacre which appeared in Air Photo Evidence are now on-line so that people can compare the horrors of Katyn to the ironically undisturbed earth around Babi Yar. Ball’s site also draws a powerful comparison between the Katyn photos and those of the Treblinka Camp. A Soviet photograph taken after the Soviets entered the Treblinka Convict Labor Camp shows a few Soviet soldiers standing over 10 bodies. Ball's caption reads as follows:

[The Soviets] dug up about 10 bodies, buried on the edge of the forest just south of the camp, who had either died of disease, natural causes, or been executed for crimes. They found only 10 bodies of the 800,000 they accused the Germans of murdering, and they did not invite journalists, or doctors from neutral countries, to inspect the bodies, or attempt to determine causes of death, the way the Germans had at Katyn. If the Soviets had uncovered any evidence of German mass murders, they would have quickly publicized it to counteract publicity about Katyn, but this did not occur.

CODOHWeb moved quickly to link up with Mr. Ball’s site, thus joining with him in his assault from the air on the orthodox misinformation about Birkenau, Treblinka, Katyn and other WWII sites. CODOHWeb has also posted the complete text of Mr. Ball's essay Luftbild-Beweise (Air Photo Evidence) in both German and English. This article originally appeared in the (censored-in-Germany) revisionist anthology Grundlagen zur Zeitgeschichte. The articles are available with aerial photographs from Grundlagen.

John Ball has put together an amazing group of photos and drawings. His cutting-edge technology exemplifies a very old adage—one picture is worth a thousand words.

(Ball's "Air Photo Evidence" Website can be reached at — [not anymore; but see the new edition of his book here; ed.])

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