Revisionist Historians and Activists To Meet in Southern California

International Conference Set for May [2000]
Published: 2000-04-01

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California's Orange County will once again be the site of the 13th Conference of the Institute for Historical Review. From around the United States and across the seas, scholars, activists and friends ofthe IHR will meet over Memorial Day weekendSaturday afternoon, May 27, through Monday afternoon, May 29, 2000.

Leading revisionists will report on the latest breakthroughs in the international fight for historical truth, from the headline-grabbing Irving-Lipstadt trial in London to the growing official support for Holocaust revisionism in the Middle East, as well as on the formidable efforts of our enemies to silence debate and to outlaw dissent. As at every IHR Conference, vanguard researchers will present new findings, based on archival research, that replace "official" lies with historical fact.

Jürgen Graf addresses the Twelfth IHR Conference, September 1994.

Speakers will include:

  • Robert Faurisson, Europe's foremost revisionist scholar, has never failed to delight IHR Conference attendees with his entertaining and instructive talks. He brings to the podium the insight and savvy of a scholar who was educated at the Paris Sorbonne, and who served for years as a professor at the University of Lyon II. Faurisson, whose ground-breaking writings and courageous advocacy of Holocaust revisionism have resulted in academic sanctions, endless trials, and murderous assaults, will look at revisionism's recent progress, and its prospects for victory in the new century.
  • Paul (Pete) McCloskey, former US Congressman (Rep.-Calif.), was targeted by Jewish-Zionist organizations when he spoke out against Israel's illegal use in Lebanon of American-supplied cluster bombs. More recently, he has played a major role in a class action lawsuit against the Anti-Defamation League, one of America's most powerful JewishZionist organizations, for its illicit spying activities. He will speak about the ADL and its record of shadowy, underhanded operations\.
    John Sack

    John Sack

  • John Sack will detail the furor touched off by the publication of An Eye for an Eye, his headlinemaking expose of the brutal mistreatment of ethnic Germans by Jewish Communist authorities in postwar Poland (a work that New York magazine called "the book they dare not review"). He will relate his adventures in censorship at the hands of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, his German publisher, and other enemies of open discourse. Sack, an author (of M, Lieutenant Calley: His Story, and Company C), and veteran journalist (Esquire, The New Yorker, CBS News), has covered every US war from Korea to the Gulf at the battlefront.
  • Glayde Whitney, professor of Psychology at Florida State University, Tallahassee, will explain "How Psychology Lost Darwin," an examination of how the prevailing view of race and race relations has changed radically over the past 70 years, and why – identifying the forces behind the revolutionary shift.
  • Theodore O'Keefe, IHR book editor, will present a devastating expose of the legends and lies behind Schindler's List, the influential novel and Steven Spielberg film, and offer an intensively researched account of Oskar Schindler's actual wartime role – and its larger significance.
  • Mark Weber, IHR Director, will present a sweeping and provocative look at the dramatic course of the 20th century history in the Conference's keynote address, in which he'll also review recent revisionist progress and outline future challenges. Later he will also give an eye-opening scholarly presentation.
  • Germar Rudolf, a German-born certified chemist who was sentenced to 14 months imprisonment and forced into exile for his critical on-site forensic examination of the Auschwitz and Birkenau "gas chambers," will report on his headline-making work as a revisionist researcher, publisher and editor\.
    Jürgen Graf addresses the Twelfth IHR Conference, September 1994

    Jürgen Graf addresses the Twelfth IHR Conference, September 1994.

  • Fredrick Toben, director of the Adelaide Institute in Australia, will provide a first-person account of his trial and seven months imprisonment in Germany for "Holocaust denial," with exciting news about the growing international support for revisionism.
  • Jürgen Graf, Swiss educator, author, and researcher, will present startling new facts and insights, gleaned from long-neglected wartime records unearthed from archives in Russia and eastern Europe, as he takes a myth-busting look at the fate of Jews deported to Auschwitz who were not registered.
  • Ernst Zündel, Canada's leading revisionist activist, and prominent German-Canadian civil rights figure, will once again delight Conference attendees in his typically irrepressible and upbeat style. Twice he was tried in Canada's two great "Holocaust trials," but ultimately vindicated. Now he'll report on the latest political and judicial effort to silence him and the California-based web site operated by Ingrid Rimland, as well as share thoughts on the recent publicity surrounding Fred Leuchter, whose forensic examination of Auschwitz he commissioned for the 1988 trial in Toronto.
  • Greg Raven, IHR associate editor, will serve as MC, and will introduce the speakers\.
    Robert Faurisson and Michael Shermer

    Robert Faurisson and Michael Shermer, editor-publisher of "Skeptic" magazine, exchange views during a break at the 12th IHR Conference.

  • Charles Provan, researcher and author, will cite laboriously unearthed documents and other evidence that debunks the "testimony" of Miklos Nyiszli, a physician at Auschwitz-Birkenau whose memoir has been widely cited as proof of mass killings in gas chambers.
  • Bradley Smith, veteran of hundreds of radio and television appearances, will bring attendees upto-date on his work in bringing revisionist scholarship to America's colleges and universities. In his usual genial manner, Smith will tell how his ad campaign and new magazine, The Revisionist, have shaken up one campus after another across the country, re-enraging the traditional enemies of free speech.
  • Robert Countess, scholar and globe-trotting revisionist ambassador, will report on important new publishing projects and current activism, including insights from his attendance at the recent international Holocaust conference in Stockholm.

As those who have attended in the past know, an IHR Conference is a unforgettable experience. It's a special opportunity to meet, hear and converse with the stalwart scholars and cutting-edge activists who are making headlines – and history – in their courageous fight to bring history into accord with the facts. It's also a wonderful occasion for making new revisionist friends from around the globe, or renewing old friendships – all in the sunny ambience of southern California.

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