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Published: 1995-02-01

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The following advertisement of material CODOH used to distribute is no longer valid, since CODOH does not currently possess any of these materials. We post it here only because it was printed in a number of issues of Smith's Report, with slight variations. This one is from no. 20. Editor's remark.

Smith's Report relates the adventures of the author as he tries, against the better judgement and bitter condemnation of all the best people in America, to encourage open debate on the gas chamber controversy. Why he should have committed himself to such an evil enterprise remains one of the great mysteries in his modest life.

Journalists and professors, disdainful of Smith's quest for intellectual freedom with regard to an issue that, in their view, was incontrovertibly settled at the moment of its conception, are nevertheless preoccupied, if not obsessed, with where Smith gets the money to fund his quest.

Smith gets it from Smith's Report.

Raising money to promote open debate about the gas chamber controversy is no picnic. It's serious business. No money, no Smith's Report. No Smith's Report, no money. No money, no Campus Project, no video projects, no nothing. The simplicity of this scenario, like life itself, is hair-raising when we step back and take a look at it.

SR has no politics. If you are one of those who holds that everything is political — well, alright. In the context of our age, and the way most people around the planet are required to live, SR is for more liberty and less authority. Liberty, implying intellectual freedom, suggests to us that ordinary people, even students, should be allowed to weigh the evidence for and against the gas chamber tales. Simplicity is everything.

The list of largely uncataloged materials following provides you with an opportunity to contribute to the public provocations so much needed, and which I produce with so much delight, to bring The Controversy to the attention of the public.

While CODOH is not a publisher, its activities do produce documents and other materials which are of importance to everyone interested in the Holocaust controversy. Most of the items listed here you will not find catalogued elsewhere. The listed prices suggest a minimum donation. Please throw in something for postage and handling.

Everything I do, every project I initiate, is utterly dependent on the financial help of individuals who read this newsletter. The importance of your contribution over and above the suggested minimums can not be overestimated.

Smith's Report back issues. Numbers 1 -19. SR began as a "letter” to a few supporters in 1990. These back issues of SR reveal the historical backbone of the Campus Project from the time I initiated it in 1988, as well as much other material. Original issues of some numbers, other numbers are copies.
$3 ea. Complete set of 19 letters: $35

The 1993-94 Campus Project Press Clippings. Three hundred fifty pages+ of press stories and hand-wringing addressing the most successful and significant revisionist media project ever to take place in America. The establishment media, both on and off campus, takes a horrified look at the results of the Campus Project and wonders aloud if a free press is really worth it. Includes stories from Time magazine, The New York Times, most of the elite press around the country, the Jewish Press, and scores of pieces from student-edited university newspapers. $30

David Cole Tells You All About It. Smith Interviews Cole on camera upon David's return from his October 1994 trip to Europe in search — yet again — of physical evidence for the gassing chambers. Includes accounts of interviews with Germar Rudolf (formally with the Max Planck Society), John-Claude Pressac, and the Director of Majdanek.
But the high (low?) point of this interview is David describing the events leading up to his entrapment and robbery while actually inside the so-called gas chamber at Struthof — in the company of three well-known European revisionists. A unique adventure told from a unique perspective makes this interview a unique experience.
Videotape. C-90. $25.

David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper. A unique one-hour video on Auschwitz; includes the now famous, 20-minute, uncut segment of David's interview of Dr. Piper in his Auschwitz offices. The most widely-viewed and most influential revisionist video available today. Ten copies shelved at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.
Videotape. C-60. $30

World Wide Reaction to David Cole's Interview With Dr. Franciszek Piper. Includes Dr. Piper's letter to media condemning the videotape of the interview. Reactions from mainstream and Jewish press. Includes David's open letter in response to Dr. Piper's criticisms. 150 +pages. $20

The Campus Update. Written for and distributed to editors of college newspapers. I had to let this one go to make way for a very special upcoming project. Four issues only. The set: $5.

Revisionist Radio. Smith Hosts the first-ever revisionist radio program dedicated solely to discussing revisionist theory, revisionist activism, and promoting intellectual freedom for revisionists.
Guests are:
David Cole: #1 & 2
Dr. Robert Countess: #3
Fritz Berg: #4,5 and 6
Chuck Provan: #s 7 thru 14
Andrew Allen: #15
Michael Hoffman: #16,17,18
Many interesting exchanges. $10 ea.

The Holocaust Controversy: The Case for Open Debate. The 3,000 word advertisement that started it all in the college press. The most widely read revisionist article ever published in America. Not only why The Controversy needs a thorough public airing, but the techniques used by our academics and other intellectual elites to suppress revisionist theory and blackball revisionists. A powerful statement. Eight-panel leaflet. 10 copies $2. 50 copies $5. 100 or more 8 cents ea. (All postpaid)

Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist, Part One, by Bradley R. Smith (me). The original. The (sometimes very) personal story of how the author got into revisionism, why, what it felt like, and how it changed the course of his life. A "confession," just like the title promises. Nothing like it in the literature. 118 pages. HC $11.95 SC $6.95

Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist, (Part I of the Second, Enlarged Edition) by Bradley R. Smith. I was going to publish a new edition of Confessions in segments as a quarterly. I changed my mind. This is the 4-chapter opening excerpt from that project. All new material.
64 pages. SC. $5

Five Years of Revisionist Radio with Bradley R. Smith (if you can stand it). I guest solo on Radio, beginning in 1986 and continuing into 1993. Many BIG Talk Show Hosts. When I began this work, sponsored by the Institute for Historical Review, revisionists being interviewed regularly on major stations by well-known hosts was simply unheard of. I talked to scores of "survivors," I heard it all, I was accused of it all, but I just went straight ahead until I had completed more than 300 radio and TV interviews by the end of 1993. I have tapes of most of those interviews. Too many cassettes to list here.
Ask for the full list. $1

Truth Prevails: An interview with Mark Lane. Nationally renowned attorney Mark Lane helped represent the Institute for Historical Review when it was sued (for something I had written) by super-survivor Mel Mermelstein. Listen to Mark Lane relate, with relish and high humor, how on the witness stand this internationally renowned Auschwitz "survivor" is outed as a fool and a fraud. His testimony is shown to be so shameful that he withdraws his lawsuit against the Institute. One of the many stories that you will not get from mainline media. Authoritative, informative, and comic. Videotape. C-90. $30.

"48 Hours" — The Lost Footage. When a 48 Hours production team arrived at our house in 1992 to interview me for five hours, we filmed them as they filmed me. A fascinating behind-the-scenes look at a major TV network profile of revisionists. After six days of work preparing for the filmed interview, and hours on the telephone, only 4 minutes was on air. Our video shows you one hour fifteen minutes of network interviewing, then the four minutes the network uses. Judge for yourself how mainline media reports on revisionism and revisionists.
Videotape. C-90. $30

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