Revisionist stripped of PhD

ThoughtCrime: 07/13/86
Published: 1986-07-13

"Thoughtcrime does not entail death: thoughtcrime IS death."
George Orwell

Dr. Henri Roques has had his PhD ruled invalid by the University of Nantes, France. Roques was awarded his doctorate after presenting his dissertation which demonstrated that the written confessions of Kurt Gerstein, a former officer of the SS, were groundless. Roques also demonstrated how postwar academics have deliberately manipulated and falsified key parts of Gerstein's testimony.

The university's action followed an announcement by the Minister for Higher Education and Research, Alain Devaquet, that a series of "irregularities" had been found in the conditions under which the thesis was supervised and examined at the university.

Mr. Devaquet also suspended the principal supervisor of the thesis, Jean-Claude Rivierre, a specialist in medieval French literature. The doctorate was awarded to Prof. Roques in June of 1986. Mr. Devaquet commented:

"no scientific pretext should be used to deny the martyrdom of the many millions who died for the defense of liberty."

Mr. Devaquet announced that he was tightening the conditions under which doctorates are awarded. He noted that incidents like the Roques affair could undermine "the respectability of the whole French university system." He also announced that a symposium would be held at the University of Nantes on the official history of World War II.

Henri Roques is the first man in the nearly 800 year history of the French universities to have his doctorate revoked by government order.

For more information see: The Chronicle of Higher Education 16 July 1986.

Note: An English edition of Dr. Roques book, The 'Confessions' of Kurt Gerstein is available from : IHR, PO Box 2739 Newport Beach, CA 92659.

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