Revisionist Video on Auschwitz Continues to Infiltrate Government, Libraries and the Academy

Published: 1996-05-01

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David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper, the remarkable video filmed at Auschwitz by David Cole, is circulating in all the right places.

Georgia House of Representatives. Thank you for the [David Cole] video. It does raise some valid and interesting points. Have you considered court action to get the video aired? — Alvin L. Barth, Jr., State Representative.

Washington State Senate. I received your video and am puzzled by the whole thing. Much of the testimony is very interesting; the difficulty is identifying exactly who should hear and respond to it. My impression is that there is more interest in maintaining one particular viewpoint than in open dialogue on this subject. — Harold Hochstatter, State Senator.

Library of Congress. Ana M. Kurland receives the video in the Hispanic Division and forwards it to the European Division. Reference librarian at York College/City University of New York, John Drobnicki, reminds Kurland that such mailings were typical of the Institute for Historical Review a few years ago.

Professor Gerald Sorin, Director of Jewish Studies at State University of New York — New Paltz, reports that his department received three copies of the Auschwitz video but he didn’t get one and neither did his “colleague who teaches the Holocaust.” Ellen Eisenberg at Willamette University reports that three professors in her department (history) have received the Cole video but not her. She speculates on the reason why, wondering if it is because her name sounds Jewish. (This is the kind of stuff you can get off the Internet if you have the right access.)

The Journal of Modern History. We wish to acknowledge, with thanks, the receipt of a review copy of: “David Cole Interviews: Dr. Franciszek Piper." Julius Kirshner, Book Review Editor

(If you would like to help distribute this “powerful and dangerous” video, see our offer on page 8.)

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Title: Revisionist Video on Auschwitz Continues to Infiltrate Government, Libraries and the Academy
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Published: 1996-05-01
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