Revisionist View Confirmed

Published: 1995-07-01

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Gas chamber proof discovered -- not really...

Two historians in Austria recently made public what they say is the "first technical proof" that gas chambers were used to kill prisoners in German camps during the Second World War. This "major discovery" is a ventilator fan.

In the face of the revisionist challenge, historians have for several years been searching for just one such bit of proof.

The newspaper report reproduced here appeared in the Sunday Times of Perth, western Australia, April 30, 1995, p. 7. Similar reports appeared in the Austrian magazine Profil (May 8, p. 7), the French newspaper Var-Matin (April 29, p. 15), and possibly elsewhere.

Professor Robert Faurisson, Europe's foremost revisionist scholar, comments:

If historians Florian Freund and Bertrand Perz had consulted specialists, they would know that this ventilator fan is no proof at all of homicidal killings. They would have learned that "Degesch system" delousing or disinfestation gas chambers – which were in widespread use in Europe during the Second World War, including at many camps – were routinely equipped with ventilator fans.

This "discovery" is significant for another reason, Faurisson points out. Without intending it, Freund and Perz implicitly confirm that the revisionists have been right all along about a critically important historical point: for the past 50 years, no Holocaust researcher had supplied even a single "technical proof" for the existence of Nazi execution gas chambers.

This item also implicitly confirms that not a single "technical proof" has been discovered proving the existence of Nazi execution gas chambers at Auschwitz (including Birkenau), supposedly the most notorious wartime extermination center.

For half a century, revisionists who have said what this matter-of-fact news item now reports were insulted, smeared, and even punished by courts. Moreover, for five decades, Germans have been put on trial, sentenced and punished for their supposed involvement in gas chamber killings of millions – without even a single technical proof.

In April 1989, American execution hardware specialist Fred Leuchter inspected the supposed "gas chamber" at Mauthausen, the camp where the newly-discovered fan had been used. In a technical report he concluded that no one was ever killed at this alleged gassing facility, nor could they have been. See: F. Leuchter and R. Faurisson, "The Second Leuchter Report," Journal ofHistorical Review, Fall 1990, pp. 261-322.

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