Revisionists sentenced to prison in Switzerland

ThoughtCrime: 07/21/98
Published: 1998-07-21

"Thoughtcrime does not entail death: thoughtcrime IS death."
George Orwell

Revisionist author and researcher Jürgen Graf, 47 and his publisher Gerhard Förster, 78 were sentenced to prison in Switzerland. Graf has written several books criticizing the traditional Holocaust story. He has recently completed extensive research in the Moscow archives analyzing important primary documents. Graf and Förster, a former officer in the Wehrmacht, were convicted of breaking Switzerland's law against "racial discrimination."

The sentence by the Swiss government adds Switzerland to the growing list of European countries which deny freedom of speech and actively violate the human rights of its citizens. Graf was sentenced to 15 months while Förster received one year. In addition they were each fined $5,500. The Swiss also confiscated approximately $38,000 in proceeds from the sale of Graf's books.

In a final Orwellian move, Judge Andrea Staubli said the pair's lack of remorse contributed to the sentences.

At least two of Jürgen Graf's books, Der Holocaust auf dem Prüfstand and Der Holocaust-Schwindel have been banned in Germany.

Adapted from: USA Today, July 22,1998

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Title: Revisionists sentenced to prison in Switzerland, ThoughtCrime: 07/21/98
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