Revisionists to be punished

[Making the World Safe for the Holocaust Lobby]
Published: 1993-02-17

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Revisionists to be punished


Jewish Chronicle (London), 17 February 1993

A Bill to outlaw and punish Holocaust denial or the defence of Nazi crimes has been introduced in the Belgian Parliament by the country's Socialist Party. The Bill is expected to be supported by other parties.

The penalties foreseen by the Bill include the withdrawal of political rights from those found guilty.

Similar laws already exist in France, Holland and Austria, Belgium passed a law against racial hatred last year.

The Belgian Government intends to co-operate with B'nai B'rith in prosecuting the publisher, printer and distributor of a Dutch-language revisionist pamphlet printed in Antwerp. The pamphlets have heen widely distributed in both Belgium and Holland.

Jewish Chronicle
17 February 1993

Editor's remark: There has existed over the past several decades only one active Holocaust revisionist in the Dutch-speaking countries (Netherlands and Flanders): Siegfried Verbeke of Antwerp with his revisionist outlet Vrij Historisch Onderzoek (Free Historical Research; established in 1993; dissolved in 2014). Hence this law was passed to curb this one man's activities.

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Title: Revisionists to be punished, [Making the World Safe for the Holocaust Lobby]
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Published: 1993-02-17
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