Shipping and Fulfillment. Contributors.

Published: 1997-09-01

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Re shipping and fulfillment: You are going to be very happy to learn that I have found a way to get shipping and fulfillment out of my hands into those of a professional. I have contracted with a Visalia business office, CRS, to handle all mailing and order fulfillment—including problems with fulfillment(!)—which should be of special interest to those of you who have ordered and paid and after weeks, sometimes many weeks, still have not received what you asked me to send.

The office manager at CRS is Patricia. She has handled other business affairs for me, including my taxes, and I can assure you she will take care of orders and fulfillment much better than I have been doing it. Call or fax Patricia with whatever problems I have caused you over the last couple months and she will bird-dog it until we get it straight for you.

Her office telephone is 209.739.7959 Her office fox is: 209.739.0272 Patricia shipped SR 45 at the very time I was struggling to get our household goods and my office across the Mexican border, so we have gotten off to a good start. It will only get better.

CONTRIBUTORS Here is another routine business procedure in which I have fallen behind I have not notified even one of you who contributed to CODOH or Smith's Report, from March 19% through June 19%, that it is time for you to contribute again. Some of you have, of course, on your own recognizance. But with some of you, and you’re like me this way, it has slipped your mind Please check your records. If you contributed to CODOH or Smith's Report between 1 March and 30 June 19%, and have not contributed since, your time has come.

Patricia at CRS is going to work out a “trailing” program so that everyone is notified automatically when a contribution is due, just like real business people do it, but she has not yet been able to get me to sit down and work it out with her by fax. I’ll try to do it this month.

I want to thank all of you who helped me get from up there to down here. I couldn't have done it without you—literally. Your continuing contributions sustain me and let 's face it, my family, and just as they sustain CODOH and CODOHWeb and our growing audience. I can do it with you—it would be impossible to do it without you.


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Author(s): Bradley R. Smith
Title: Shipping and Fulfillment. Contributors.
Sources: Smith's Report, no. 46, September 1997, p. 8
Published: 1997-09-01
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