Simon Wiesenthal Screws "USA Today"

Published: 1984-10-01

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In the 21 April 1983 issue of USA Today, Simon Wiesenthal told Barbara Reynolds: "When I was released from Mauthausen camp … I was one of 34 prisoners alive out of 150,000 who had been put there."

Do you believe he told the truth? You will be interested and, depending on your philosophy of life, perhaps tickled to dlscover that according to Evelyn Le Chene's Mauthausen: History of a Death Camp (see pp. 166-168 and 190f.), when the Americans liberated Mauthausen "death" camp, they discovered 64,000 (thousand!) internees alive and waiting to be taken care of. Which did not include the 28,000 (thousand!) that had been previously released or transferred elsewhere, or who had escaped.

What do you think? As professionals? Are you going to go on believing everything Simon Wiesenthal and other Holocaust cultists tell you about the "genocide" of the six million and dismiss out of hand those who are "revising" the history of this age? Why?

I don't mean to suggest that everything Simon says is a lie or an error. What I am suggesting is that Holocause "revisionists" are not wrong about everything either. Let's talk about it. What do you think would be wrong in talking about it?

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Title: Simon Wiesenthal Screws "USA Today"
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Published: 1984-10-01
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