The Six Million Fact or Fiction (TSMFOF) SERIES Chap 15 Peter Winter (26:53 Min)

Published: 2021-09-21

The Six Million Fact or Fiction (TSMFOF) SERIES Chap 15 Peter Winter

Jim Rizoli, pioneering fighter for the truth continues his review (26 minutes) of SMFOF by Peter Winter. Here Jim reviews chapter 15 which deals with Treblinka.

Section 88 - Treblinka was a temporary camp for 18 months. Holocau$t liars claim that over 850,000 Jews were killed, buried, then exhumed and the evidence destroyed. This occurred in pits in total variously about 20,000 square metres or 5,000 sq metres according to Jewish sources. In comparison the Katyn massacre of 4,500 Polish Officers by the Soviet Secret Police was in pits totalling about 500 sq metres. [NOTE: If 850,000 Jews were buried at Treblinka at the same density as Katyn, then this would have meant about 95,000 sq metres!] In four months in 1943, it is claimed the Germans exhumed all the bodies and destroyed them by burning to destroy the evidence. Jim notes that 850,000 people is the population of San Francisco.

Section 89 - Treblinka I & II were a labor camp and transit camp. Peter explains giving reasons.

Section 90 - Execution was claimed to be "steam" later replaced by diesel exhaust gas. Jim says it's bizarre.

Section 91 - Air photos of Treblinka. Peter reviews the air photos of the camp - no evidence of extermination.

Section 92 - killing by "Vaccum chambers". Claimed by a Jewish witness.

Section 93 -1993 Forensic study finds no evidence of mass graves. Richard Krege, a electronics engineer and his team used ground radar and soil examples to find nothing.

Section 94 - 2010 Forensic study by Holohoaxer team - no evidence of mass graves.

Section 95 - 2013 Forensic study by the same Holohoax team finds tile with star of David. Great excitement until it is shown be a tile made by a Polish company.

Section 96 - Confession by Auxilliary soldier Paval Leoka examined by Peter. Very bizarre and odd. 

Section 97 - Franz Stangl, the commandant of Treblinka is put on trial in 1970, but denied any mass extermination. After an interview with a Jewish journalist, Franz dies of heart failure, 19 hours later. The Jewish journalist had not recorded the interview and never asked about gas chambers. 

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