Smith and Smith on the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

Published: 1997-05-01

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No. it's not the Three Tenors—it's the Two Smiths, Bradley and Hans (all right, Schmidt). Like Richard Widmann and Fred Toben. Hans and I toured the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum the month it opened, and afterwards I interviewed Hans on video. In exchange for your contribution I will send you this informative video discussion "in concert,” fresh from that tour. German WWII veteran Schmidt (see the review of his book on his recent Kafkaesque incarceration for revisionist heresy in Germany in this issue) and I discuss the Museum's Holocaust cultism and anti-German, anti-Christian agenda-financed by your tax dollars—and set the historical record straight on individual lies, distortions and omissions of the exhibition.

In addition to being able to view this exchange, your contribution will help fund CODOH’s to blast the hoaxery and obscurantism the Museum fosters and to clear the heads of the students and tourists who swarm to this pricey propaganda pit on the Potomac every spring. Help us—and help yourself to an amusing and informative critique of this taxpayer-funded. Bill Clinton-dedicated, Zionist-boosting monstrosity!

In addition, when I ship the “Smith on Smith” video, I’ll include the double issue (#s 15 and 16) of Smith’s Report, which includes my account of my own tour through the Museum the day before I interviewed Hans, and during which I got something of a surprise.

Video (one hour) (Includes issue #15 & 16 of Smith’s Report) Suggested contribution $40

[Offer no longer valid; ed.]

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Published: 1997-05-01
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