Smith to 'sissy' Hayes: Let's share a beer

Published: 1991-04-17

In his "Plain Talk" perspective Thursday about the Holocaust and Revisionism, Professor Peter Hayes charges me with manipulation, deception, distortion, ignorance, intimidation, nastiness, dishonesty, duplicity, maliciousness, tastelessness, the browbeating of academics like himself, conspiracy mongering, promoting implausibilities and spreading disinformation.

Hayes evaded the challenge of addressing content, however, so I suppose you could say he failed the test. For my part, even when I collapse into a frenzy of ad hominem invective, I try to retain some interest in content. But then I'm not an academic, so what do I know?

Hayes expresses a fear that the real intention of people like myself is to "wear down" people like him. I don't want to wear down Hayes. I want to talk things over with him. The free exchange of ideas is invigorating, not burdensome. I should think only sissies would find it otherwise.

I'll be going to Evanston soon and when I get there, I'll look up the good Professor Hayes. I suspect that what he really needs is to kick back, lift a few beers and get into a real-life relationship with a man about whom he has been told the worst and suspects the worst but knows not at all.

If I miss Hayes, maybe I'll chat up some of his students.

Director, Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust

The Daily Northwestern, Wednesday, April 17, 1991.

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Published: 1991-04-17
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