"Smith's On-Line Review" Coming in September

World’s First Revisionist Magazine to Debut in Cyberspace
Published: 1996-07-01

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CODOH is proud to announce that Smith's On-Line Review, a periodical devoted to the impact and the implications of Holocaust cultism, will begin publication on the Bradley R. Smith/CODOH Web site beginning in mid-September. Smith's On-Line Review (SOR), which will appear quarterly, is the first revisionist magazine in the world to be at its outset purely electronic (although print-outs of major articles will be available to those who wish them).

SOR's purview will be that part of American and Western culture which entertains and promotes the Holocaust imposture – high culture and low, and middle-brow as well: it will bring up-to-date news, analysis, opinion and scuttlebutt on both the orthodox and revisionist scenes, reviews on everything from the latest movies, TV docudramas, comic books, theater and novels to serious art, as well as in-depth considerations of the latest intellectual products churned out by the Holocaust industry.

SOR aspires to a high literary and intellectual standard. It is not planned as a scholarly publication, but will be open to scholarly articles, thoughtful essays, and will necessarily concern itself, in interviews, profiles and otherwise, with the learned men and women at the forefront of the revisionist intellectual endeavor, both as researchers and as risk-takers for honor, freedom and truth.

While Revisionism will be a prime focus of SOR, its gaze will be directed chiefly on the other side, the Exterminationists, who indeed sometimes give indications that in furtherance of Holocaust orthodoxy, if nothing else, they'd gladly dispense with, if not exterminate, both freedom and truth; and on the pathology in American and Western culture that the Holocaust cult embodies.

SOR is not so much intended to compete with existing revisionist periodicals as it is to fill a void. It will largely eschew diplomatic and military historiography, the proper province of such established revisionist organs as The Journal of Historical Review, to home in on the Holocaust taboo in its present cultural, social and intellectual, as well as historical implications (including the consideration of past and present events – from the rise and progress of Zionism to the rise and fall of Communism in the light of the Holocaust – as well as the Holocaust in the light of these and other happenings).

The guiding stars of Smith's On-Line Review will be freedom and truth; its method will be dialogue, not diatribe, lightened now and then by gentle, and occasionally not so gentle, satire. We don't mean to scarify, or to come as exterminating angels to the exterminationist opposition. SOR's mode of discourse will strive to be inclusive, of them and even of the journalists who will skitter to cover and "expose" us at the news of SOR. To all of them – historians, politicians, literateurs, professors, "educators," journalists and all those who play a role in promoting the Story while suppressing those who criticize it – we mean to speak and to be heard.

We see ourselves in the light of Benjamin Franklin, whose intrepid attempts to catch the awesome power of static electricity – as manifested in a lightning bolt – and diverted to practical ends, have served science and entered legend. Make no mistake about it, today more than ever the misrepresentation and the misuse of what happened to the Jews of Europe during the Second World War rages wild and unchecked as a thunderstorm – but Smith's On-Line Review will tap directly into that very energy to tame it for the illumination of all.

When a major publishing event takes place, and that's what the first issue of SOR will be, it's usual to have a media blowout to announce the birth of your magazine. You want everyone who is important in the cultural and intellectual scene you have decided to invade to know there is a new player in their game and that the game is no longer going to be played by the old rules. I'm going to see to it that something very much like that happens.

Nevertheless, I have chosen to make the first announcement of Smith's On-Line Review here in Smith's Report because it is the readers of SR who have played the major role in making my work possible. For the last two years it has been you alone who have made everything possible – all the work with CODOH, including the Campus Project and the construction of the CODOH Web site on the Internet. There is no one else. Only you. I have every expectation that most of you will stay with me through the added responsibility I am taking on with SOR.

At the same time, I know that many of you have no easy access to the Web or the Internet and that you might feel an on-line review leaves you out—far from it! I plan to make every story published electronically in SOR available as print-outs for every one of you who will want to see them—and you’ll want to see most of them. No one will be left out. What’s more, with due deliberation, we are going to follow the on-line publication of SOR with a printed edition. We’re not going to overextend the staff that is forming, and we will not overextend ourselves financially. That part of it is bad enough as it is.

I’ve been warned that the publication of the world’s first on-line revisionist magazine is an audacious undertaking. I know it is. Call me Mr. Audacious. I recall writing someplace, when I first got into this contest with what looked to me like almost everyone on earth, that I figured the odds against my being successful were about 10 or 20 million to one. I was excited by those odds. They got my blood up. Now the situation is different.

Revisionism is breaking out all over the world. There is steady growth in the readership of this newsletter and the support you are contributing. And now I have a couple secret editorial weapons that will knock the socks off the target audience for SOR. There isn’t anything on earth or in the Internet cosmos that resembles what we are going to publish. I have addressed many of the themes important to the Holocaust controversy on radio and television: briefly in this newsletter and in op-ed pieces, in my books, and in the notorious essay-advertisements I run in university newspapers. I’m writing about them in manuscripts I’m working on now, including Break His Bones.

But the time has come to treat the great revisionist themes more fully, with high style—a style that packs the kind of sophisticated, literary revisionist punch that has yet to be seen in any journal. Our cultural elites are going to have to rethink the way they routinely serve professional Holocaust hucksters. These poltroons, who have made of themselves prison wardens over freedom and truth, who have kept the hatches battened down on our university campuses; who have terrified the professors, gagged the students and blindfolded the computers, if you will; in short made all the rules—it’s out of their hands now.

Smith's On-Line Review is coming, nation-wide—worldwide and on-line—September 15, 1996!

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