Smith's Report, no. 177

Published: 2010-12-01

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The Phenomenon of Holocaust Denial:
The New Challenge for Us All!

By Bradley Smith

It makes you wonder. Today, throughout the Western world, scholarly revisionist arguments regarding the Holocaust question are being developed by maybe half a dozen individuals working out of their homes or here and there from a small office. That’s it. You can count these revolutionary scholars on the fingers of one or two hands.

It makes you wonder—about the immense effort being made by State and State-sponsored organizations with budgets of tens of millions of dollars and thousands of employees and associates to smother and punish these few men and women. Every punishing instrument imaginable is used, every vicious slander conceivable, every flagrant and pervasive form of censorship that law allows, including the imprisonment of simple writers for thought crimes against the State.

Makes you wonder.

One sign of the failure of this frantic, phobic effort at disappearing revisionists and revisionism is that there are 728,000 references on the Internet to “Holocaust denial,” with some 223,000 to “Holocaust revisionism.” It will soon add up to some 1,000,000 references to revisionism and revisionists on the Internet alone, to a subject and to individuals that these obsessed people want to be “disappeared” from the face of the earth.

The soon-to-be one million references to “Denial” and Revisionism on the Internet illustrates the wide-ranging interest in what we are doing with this question.

Affirming up front that the greater part of these references will be negative, that they are intended, simply, to destroy revisionism and revisionists, the question remains: Why is there such immense alarm expressed over this modest body of revisionist work on the part of the most influential figures and institutions throughout Europe and North America? It’s bizarre. A handful of solitary citizens working alone has gotten the presidents of nations, of universities, of media conglomerates fuming. And it has them alarmed.

They are so alarmed that they are willing to subvert every relevant cultural norm under which we live as Americans and Europeans. Something important is at stake. Revisionists know that, and those who want to destroy revisionists and revisionist work know that. But in their hysteria these incipient destroyers of intellectual freedom are unable to understand that we no long live in a culture where revolutionaries depend on typewriters, postage stamps, and fax machines. Every move the destroyers make to destroy revisionism is recorded on the Internet in full public view...

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