Smith's Report, no. 182

Published: 2011-06-01

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The Savage, the Academic, and the Brainwashed

By Bradley Smith

One afternoon I was on the Michael Savage website, I don't remember exactly why, when I found a YouTube video that appeared to work with the Holocaust a bit. I clicked onto the video and was startled to hear a sudden, high-volume shouting exhibition by Savage about Muslims and the Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who he called the son of a pig, son of a whore, and a direct descendant of some Old Testament Satan and so on. Then Savage got to the place in his rant where he noted that Ahmadinejad says "the Holocaust didn't happen."

Savage said: "We know the Holocaust happened. American soldiers liberated Dachau and Auschwitz and Treblinka and Bergen-Belsen." Michael Savage is one of the top radio talkers in America, with something like 8-million listeners. He's no dummy. He's got degrees from three different universities. He's written half a dozen New York Times best-selling books.

I thought it remarkable that such man could believe that American soldiers liberated Auschwitz especially. Such a claim from such a figure with such name recognition was—it was too good to pass up. I would shoot a YouTube video

Michael Savage

dealing with several of the issues he had raised. I would not get into the family history of President Ahmadinejad. And I would see to it that my video is distributed to hundreds of student organizations via email and a link to YouTube...

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