Some Comments on Historical Revisionism

Published: 1983-01-01

I guess I don't understand the problem of "judging men for their actions… using subsequent knowledge gained 40+ years after the fact." What choice do we have when knowledge (truth) is suppressed for decades? When the truth finally comes out, we judge people based on it. What else is there to do? If you live your life based on certain assumptions, and then years later the assumptions turn out to have been wrong, what do you do? Stick to them, or adapt to the new reality?

Revisionism is hated and feared by those who have controlled history for political power. If it turns out that our participation in WWII was based on lies, shouldn't we try to correct them? If it turns out that the atrocities and war crimes and post-war crimes our wonderful boys committed in league with our Soviet and British allies were far worse than ever imagined, shouldn't we take responsibility for them once we have investigated and found them to have happened? Shouldn't we constantly search for the truth so as to prevent them from recurring? Isn't this the way of a responsible, patriotic adult?

We shouldn't be fascinated merely with the details of the war, the battles, the weapons, the personalities. As Americans we should be more interested in US policy which got us into that war, and especially the US policy which was enunciated and put into concrete at Yalta, with our Soviet and British allies. This US-UK-USSR policy condemned hundreds of millions of people, from Germany to China, to slavery, torture and death, starting immediately with the US Army's OPERATION KEELHAUL and the British Army's OPERATION EASTWIND, in which millions of Russians, Cossacks, Ukrainians, Germans and other Europeans were rounded up, put in boxcars and sent into the gulags to die. I have interviewed former US soldiers who were involved in this sickening, outrageous crime against humanity. It can't be helped if you haven't heard about this--it's not my fault. Now that you have heard about it, it is your responsiblity to investigate and spread the word.

You usually can't detect the reason for a war until you read the peace treaty. There was no peace treaty with Germany because we cut her up with our Soviet ally. This was accomplished with The Yalta Agreement, which liquidated the majority of opponents to the New World Order, both in Europe and Asia. The Yalta Agreement was the entire purpose of our participation in WWII. In other words, our wonderful boys fought for the safety and future of Communism, in Europe, Russia and Asia, and lucrative "anti-communist," no-win wars for decades to come.

You "wonder if Ike would have wished to have done things differently had he had the luxury of hindsight at the time?" What do you mean? He gave the orders for the slaughter of German POWs and for the slaughter of the above-named millions in Ops KEELHAUL and EASTWIND. Why do you wonder if he would have done things differently? What difference would it make if he did? Do you just want to believe that he was a good man, that he became unhinged by Buchenwald? He was guided by US policy (the Morgenthau Plan) and by his own hatred. He wrote to his wife from London, long before he ventured into Buchenwald, "The German is a beast. I hate him." This was only natural--he was paid to hate and kill Germans.

If anyone is guilty of imposing his own later thinking upon past events, it is those of us who cannot or will not put ourselves back in those times, through study, and try to understand the dark forces behind our sadistic pre-war, wartime and post-war policies.

Anyone who says, "Well, if this is true, why aren't the Germans complaining?" How naive! To whom, exactly, could Germans complain, if they were the complaining types? The Americans? The Soviets? The British? There is only one subject having to do with WWII which can be discussed in Germany, and that is German guilt.

It took until 1990 for the Soviets to admit that it was they, and not the Germans, who killed 21,000 Polish officers and intellectuals in the Katyn Forest near Smolensk during the war. For almost fifty years, we were assured by our government that it was the Germans. Our foreign policy is based on WWII lies such as this, and many others of greater significance in terms of numbers.

Why don't we stop playing around with the war's details and talk about the war's purpose, and who was really responsible? Let the treason trials begin!

JB Campbell

From the book "The New American Man" by J.B. Campbell, 1983, as found at multiple locations on the Internet.

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