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Published: 1997-02-01

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The previous issue of SR reported on the current legal ordeals of Robert Faurisson and Ernst Zuendel. There are these further developments:

  • In Paris, the justices of France's Supreme Court of Appeals have responded to Professor Faurisson's petition that they consider whether the Loi Gayssot, which decrees that challenging the factuality of the "Holocaust" is a crime, restricts a judge's normal freedom to pass on the facts of a case. The justices took no more than one compound sentence to dismiss Faurisson's plea, providing no explanation for their ruling.
  • In Canada, where Ernst Zuendel is involved in a multifarious and exhausting legal tangle, the Security Intelligence Review Committee has obtained license to argue against Zuendel in his appeal against—their bias against him in another (immigration) hearing! Meanwhile, the Canadian branch of B'nai B'rith is seeking intervenor status before the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission to join the line of censors seeking to bar Ernst from operating his US-based Website.
  • Regarding that Website, there is increasing indication that Zuendel's on-line beacon of Holocaust revisionism was the target of a sophisticated electronic sabotage that disabled Zuendel's service provider and knocked out 3,000 other Websites for 40 hours in mid-December. Authorities have traced the source of the sabotage to a small city in Vancouver which is headquarters to the rabid "Nizkor" ("We Will Remember") Exterminationist Website. Coincidence? We'll keep you posted.

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Published: 1997-02-01
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