SR Worldscope on Revisionism and Revisionists

Published: 1997-03-01

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  • Publication of David Irving’s Goebbels by Lyle Stuart’s Barricade Press set for August, according to the 10 February issue of Publisher’s Weekly, bible of the book industry. Despite Stuart’s record of publishing outre books (such as Dr. William Pierce’s sanguinary Turner Diaries), we’ll believe it when we see it.
  • Latest from the Northwestern front: a few tatterdemalion demonstrators call ineffectively for canning Professor Butz, while the administration tries to lure him into early retirement by buying out his contract—he embarrasses them!—but no sale. Does the Holocaust lobby worry that a high-priced buy-out would inspire other tenured professors to write revisionist books, then get luxurious early retirements?
  • Sad news from Germany, where an ailing Thies Christophersen died at Kiel on February 13th. Christophersen, who served as an agronomist at Auschwitz during the war, gained worldwide fame through The Auschwitz Lie, the first published dissent by a camp staffer, of which over a hundred thousand copies are in print. His battle for the freedom to tell the truth about the Holocaust story forced him into successive exiles in Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland and Spain. Recalling Thies Christophersen from meetings at IHR functions, we salute the memory of this hard-headed, good-hearted North German peasant.
  • Germans don’t count! That’s the message the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum sent when it suddenly canceled Jewish author John Sack’s lecture, scheduled for February 13th, on postwar Jewish atrocities against German civilians in Polish concentration camps. Museum director Walter Reich didn’t challenge Sack’s scholarship, available since 1993 in his book An Eye for an Eye, claimed merely that “holding the program would not be compatible with the Museum’s programs.” Your taxes support these programs.

Revisionist newsletters continue to flourish around the world:

  • In Australia, Dr. Fredrick Toben’s Adelaide Institute publishes the monthly Adelaide Institute Online, which includes thoughtful articles on revisionist as well as political and intellectual topics. The February 1997 issue reprinted SR’s recent article on the “Japanese Schindler” (#39, January 1997), as well as Yehuda Bauer’s thought-provoking, recent plea to Jewish and non-Jewish politicians: “Leave the Shoah Alone!” (lest they continue to garble history even to the embarrassment of Shoah-business professionals). The Adelaide Institute can be contacted by writing: Adelaide Institute, PO Box 3300, Norwood 5067, Australia; and by email at: [email protected]. Its address on the Worldwide Web is:
  • German-American Hans Schmidt, known to many SR readers through his video discussion of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum with Bradley Smith, continues to publish a newsletter, the GANPAC Brief, in handsome format and with extended discussions of issues, many of them revisionist, of interest to German-Americans. Schmidt, a veteran of WWII on the “other side,” did several months in a German prison not long ago for infringing his native country’s thought control laws. He can be contacted at: German-American National Public Affairs Committee, P.O. Box 11124, Pensacola, FL 325241124. (We still have a handful of video tapes of the interview I did with Hans Schmidt after our first visit to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum two weeks after its opening. Many interesting insights, $25 ea.)
  • In British Columbia, Canada, Insight: The News behind the News appears every other month. Focusing chiefly on the Canadian revisionist scene, Insight features long articles on the deteriorating legal status of free speech north of the border, and on Canadian political and general historical subjects. Excerpts from other revisionist letters and many illustrations make for a lively potpourri. A free sample may be obtained by writing #241-720 Sixth Street, New Westminster BC, V3L 3C5 Canada.

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