Support Our Political Prisoners and Persecutees!

Send Christmas Greetings Early!
Published: 2015-11-03

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For the upcoming Christmas season, please remember our fellow revisionists sitting in prison, being on the run, or being prosecuted. Send them a nice Christmas card or even a letter! If sending letters into prison, abstain from any remarks that might lead to the letter being confiscated! “Illegal” statements can get our comrades into even deeper trouble.

  • Wolfgang FRÖHLICH (prisoner), Steiner Landstr 4, A-3504 Kreims-Stein, AUSTRIA
  • Horst MAHLER (early release on probation), Weidenbusch 13, D-14532 Kleinmachnow, GERMANY
  • Axel Möller [he was released on May 29, 2015], Reiferbahn 4, D-18439 Stralsund, GERMANY
  • Gerhard Ittner (trial ongoing), c/o S. Rübel, Bessemerstr. 51, D-90411 Nürnberg, GERMANY
  • Vincent Reynouard (convicted, hiding in exile). c/o Siegfried Verbeke, Italiëlei 203b, B-2000 Antwerp - BELGIUM
  • Sylvia Stolz (prosecuted), Pfarrer-Grabmeier-Allee 10, D-85560 Ebersberg, GERMANY
  • Dr. Ursula Haverbeck (prosecuted), Bretthorststr. 199, D-32602 Vlotho-Valdorf, GERMANY

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Title: Support Our Political Prisoners and Persecutees!, Send Christmas Greetings Early!
Sources: Smith's Report, no. 217, November 2015, p. 15
Published: 2015-11-03
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