Swiss Court Sentences Frank Brunner to Jail for Revisionist Thought Crimes

Published: 2013-09-28

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Dear Mr. Smith:

Thanks for your mail.

On July 31, 2013, I was sentenced to 6 months prison with suspended sentence for 3 years. This means that during 3 years, if I do something wrong again, I’ll go to jail for those 6 months. And, according to the court, I shall not write anything about Israel, the Jewish lobby or the Jews, until the federal court of Switzerland has judged the case. After one and half months in jail, I was set free by the court at the end of the trial.

I was sentenced for criticism of the Jews and denial of the holocaust), calumny (my lawyer hadn’t produced for the court any of the documentary evidence I wanted to show about the true nature of my reports, therefore I had nothing to support my plea and this was a kind of betrayal), obstruction of an official act (I had spit on the face of a prosecutor after she had ordered policemen to search me nude, without reason).

At court I said that I was sure that the revisionists are right about the holocaust and the gas chambers. I wanted to produce, among other evidence, pictures of the two headstones of Auschwitz, one that read 4 million victims and the other about 1.5 million victims. I also wished to provide reproductions of newspaper reports about the 6 million Jews between 1905 and 1938. I was unable to provide anything, thanks to my lawyer.

Another blunder of a previous lawyer had serious consequences for me. This lawyer told me that some of my writings about the Jews were unlawful because when someone writes “the Jews are this, the Jews do that”, it means that you point to all Jews indiscriminately. This is discrimination according to the Swiss law. The lawyer told me that I should write instead “a big part of the Jews”, and then my writings would be lawful. The point is to show that you don’t throw all Jews into the same dump.

Therefore, I quickly imagined a “magic paragraph” in which I noticed the small minority of Jews who stand up against Israel and the Jewish lobby and themselves endure persecutions because of that. According to my previous lawyer, with this “magic paragraph” at the end of it, any of my writings would become lawful. Therefore I added this “magic paragraph” to all my writings and then I sent those corrected writings to my lawyer. He had to check them and, if he was satisfied, he had then to send them to the court. But it seems that he forgot to do it. My subsequent lawyer said that when he checked the file at the court, my corrected writings weren’t there and he had to bring them himself.

If this is confirmed, it means that neither the judge or the prosecutor had received a copy of my corrected writings when I believed that they had gotten them. I took for granted that my previous lawyer had sent those writings shortly after having gotten them from me. Therefore, since there was no reaction from the judge or the prosecutor about my corrected writings, I became confident that they were satisfied with my corrections and that the problem was over. If they had been dissatisfied, they would have written me and explained to me what was still wrong, or I would have thought so.

So, imagine my astonishment at court when the prosecutor and the judge said that my corrected writings were still unlawful, that I should have made additional corrections, and so on. If they had explained that to me a few months earlier, I could have fixed the issue before the trial. Instead, I was stigmatized as the guy who does not care about the law, who spit on the face of a prosecutor, who did only “cosmetic” changes to his unlawful writings. I was the nazi on duty willing to cause a new genocide. Fortunately, the prosecutor was there to protect the Jews from people like me.

The fact that I had been jailed just a month and half before the trial didn’t help me either. There in prison I did not have even a copy of my file, and I did not have one in the court either. I had to work just with my memory. The case involved about 60 of my writings, so you can imagine.

Since English isn’t my mother language, please correct the mistakes I have done in my report.



(Note: the language in Mr. Brunner’s letter has been lightly edited.)

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