The Agenda

Published: 1992-12-01

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For the first time, an issue of Smith's Report will go to some 500 newspaper and periodical editors around the country, about half of them to college newspapers. From this mailing on I will stay in regular contact with the print press with SR and other materials. This mailing will cost about $400. If you believe it's worthwhile to keep 500 newspaper and periodical editors informed of what we're doing, in the way I do it, please contribute to cover these costs.

The Hemingway Western Studies Center exhibition at BSU has reminded that I want to stay in touch with the Alternative publishing scene. It represents a young, largely outside-the-university population that's interested in much of what I am. I'll send this Report to most of the 80 publishers who appeared with me in the catalog.

The most important part of the agenda is to develop the promo campaign for the Auschwitz video, using Cole's interview with Dr. Piper as its center piece. There are many different ways to use the video, in addition to selling it. Some of them may well prove surprising.

Your financial help. and your ideas. are very much appreciated.

Bradley R. Smith

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Author(s): Bradley R. Smith
Title: The Agenda
Sources: Smith's Report, no. 12, November/December 1992, p. 8

Published: 1992-12-01
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