The Campus Project

Published: 1995-07-01

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Three more student newspapers have run the CODOH ad challenging the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum to display evidence demonstrating the existence of homicidal gassing chambers or that at least one person was “gassed” as part of a State program of genocide. They include Oberlin College, Wittenberg University, and Middlesex Community College.

Oberlin, in Oberlin Ohio, is a small college near Cleveland which was founded in 1833! Wittenberg is in Springfield near Columbus and is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Middlesex C.C. is in Edison NJ. The three student papers have a combined circulation of some 12,000. It creates a warm feeling in my heart to discover that since last writing here, an additional 12,000 college-affiliated readers, including faculty, have read the Museum ad. It’s a nice way to end the academic year.

Following is the updated list of campuses where student newspapers have run the Museum ad:

  • Oberlin College at Oberlin OH
  • Wittenberg U at Springfield OH
  • Middlesex C C at Edison NJ
  • U Missouri at Rolla, MO
  • U Nebraska at Kearney, NE
  • SUNY at Binghampton, NY
  • U Wisconsin at River Falls, WI
  • Radford U at Radford, VA
  • Loyola College in Baltimore, MD
  • U New Orleans, LA
  • Bryant C at Smithfield, RI
  • De Anza C at Cupertino, CA
  • Providence C at Providence, RI
  • Salt Lake Community C, UT
  • Western Oregon State C at Monmouth, OR
  • U Tennessee at Chattanooga, TN
  • Northeastern U at Boston, MA

One that was on this list last month but got away is Glendale Community College, this particular Glendale being a suburb of Phoenix AZ. I thought it was in, but the ad manager had her mind changed for her, by whom I don’t know.

I’m aware of substantial controversies that took place at Oberlin, Radford, Northeastern, and Providence, which must have been interesting learning experiences for the students. Most likely there were others. Several students and different colleges promised they would send press clippings but none did.

If you live near any of the above colleges, or know someone who does, I would much appreciate your making an effort to get what press clippings are available regard stories about the Project at any of the above colleges. All the ads ran the last half of April through the first half of May. Campus libraries usually have back issues of the school newspaper.

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