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Logged onto More than 1.500 Times in First Six Weeks
Published: 1995-12-01

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But who’s counting? Me. On Saturday morning, 28 October, I checked to see if we had the “counter” on my Homepage. Three individuals had logged onto the site up to that hour. I was there at the very beginning. The next morning the count had gone to 12. Some of the hits (visits) were probably by Richard Widmann or D. Thomas doing technical work.

The next morning there was a total of 18 hits registered. By the end of the week the total had grown to 147, or an average of 21 hits a day. The daily total rose slowly week by week until the first full week in December we were getting about 45 hits daily. Don’t think I think this is good. My first goal is to have 100 hits a day then pause and look around at where we are. We have barely begun to promo the site. There has been no media whatever. Our ads are being rejected by college papers. Meanwhile, the amount of information on the site is growing substantially, becoming increasingly valuable to those who find us.

I could never have gotten this far this quickly by myself. The bulk of the work is being done by volunteers, particularly Richard Widmann and D. Thomas, including all the technical work. There were technical problems that came up at the beginning that would have taken me weeks to get on top of. And then there is the labor of carefully coding the materials into hypertext markup language (don’t ask me) and posting them on the site. And now, one by one, others are beginning to volunteer their work. This is going to be something!

Following are some of the materials already on the site, any or all of which are available to be printed out and sent to you if you want to read them but do not have access to the Internet.

Gas Chambers and Gas Vans

  • “Aerial Photo Surveillance of Auschwitz” by Andrew Allen. An introductory critique of the notorious “CIA” photos released in 1979.
  • “The Diesel Gas Chambers: Myth Within a Myth,” by Friedrich Paul Berg. Published previously in the Journal For Historical Review.
  • “Forty-Six Important Unanswered Questions Regarding the Nazi Gas Chambers” by David Cole. Based on Cole’s first-hand examination of the physical remains of the “gas chambers.” A nightmare for exterminationists.
  • “The “Gassed” People of Auschwitz: Pressac’s New Revisions” by Carlo Mattogno. Mattogno’s most recent review of Jean-Claude Pressac’s work. This was provided us by Russ Granada, Mattogno’s translator and agent in the U.S.

War Crimes Trials

  • “The Office of Special Investigations and the Holocaust Myth” by Andrew Allen. Allen dissects one “case” of an OSI investigation and raises serious questions about the agency’s ethical standards.
  • “Creative Justice: Conviction Without Accusation - The Case of Schoepp and Gretscl.” Carlos Porter, using testimony directly from the IMT, demonstrates briefly how such convictions can be won.
  • Not Guilty at Nuremberg: The German Defense Case by Carlos Porter. We’ve posted the entire 10,000 (+)-word essay. This was originally posted by Dan Gannon on his Oregon BBS. This newly (somewhat) updated and corrected text is being made available to the world!
  • “When It’s Confession Time at Dachau, or, I saw the Light While I was Seeing Stars.” Porter uses IMT documents to demonstrate that in some instances German prisoners were beaten to obtain confessions.

The ThoughtCrimes Archive

Richard Widmann is collecting and editing this Archive. The “crimes” are listed by year and little by little will add up to a serious indictment against those who are forwarding the struggle against intellectual freedom in Western culture. Here are a few of the listings, which at this time go back to 1984 with the subject: “Arsonists Devastate Revisionist Publisher” The reader can find the story behind each heading by simply putting his screen cursor on the heading itself and tapping his “enter” key.


  • Thugs Attack Revisionist Speaker at UCLA France Convicts Two for Distributing Leaflet Austrian Revisionist Convicted
  • Irving Fined 10,000 Marks
  • Computer Network Holocaust Debate Closed
  • German General Sentenced to Imprisonment

  • House Historian Fired for Even-Handedness
  • Japanese Publisher Shut Down
  • German Publisher Forced to “Recycle” Book
  • German Publisher Raided
  • German Court Jails Deckert For Two Years
  • Zuendel’s Headquarters Torched
  • Journalist Charged for Expressing Opinion
  • German-American Jailed for Writing Letter
  • German Court Jails Yuppie for Denying
  • Lawyer Attacked Outside Court
  • Deckert Arrested: Suspected of Writing Book
  • Man Convicted for Denying Knowledge of Gas Chambers
  • Swiss to Expel Christopher

Widmann introduces his archive by quoting George Orwell: “Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising effectiveness. A genuinely unfashionable opinion is almost never given a fair hearing.” And he ends it by quoting Orwell again: “Thoughtcrime does not entail death: thoughtcrime IS death.”

Book Reviews

John Anderson reviews Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory by Deborah Lipstadt. “Ms Lipstadt openly and shamelessly tries to convince the reader that Holocaust deniers should never, under any conditions, be given an academic or public forum or access to the media of mass communication to present their viewpoint. To accomplish this she puts forth essentially two arguments which are woven throughout the entire fabric of this insidious work.”

The Great Holocaust Trial by Michael A. Hoffman II is reviewed by Richard Widmann. “Hoffman, who writes with the grace of a romantic poet, draws his title from the 1985 trial or Ernst Zuendel… [and]… provides both background to the trial, by recounting biographical information about Zuendel, and foreground by detailing important post-trial events.”

Break His Bones. I now have a contents page up for this work-in-progress, and three chapter-length excerpts. The chapter titles are followed by the year in which the action takes place.

“The Ruling Discourse (1995)
“Cardboard Germans, Cardboard Jews (1960)
“You Don’t Have to be Jewish (1995)

The Tangled Web: Zionism and the Holocaust Story. Does the Holocaust story lead back to Zionism and through Zionism to communism?

“The Pro Red Orchestra Starts Tuning UP in the USA, 1941,” by James J. Martin. Stalinism prepares the bed for Zionism and it’s most valuable propaganda lever. Another piece first published in Journal for Historical Review.

“The Dark Web Pages of Zionism” — controversial articles from the World Wide Web itself. An inter-Jewish debate over the relative value and danger of Zionism to the Jewish community. “The relationship of Zionism and anti-Semitism,” “The racist nature of Zionism,” etc. etc.

I have only two ads running now announcing the site. One is in Fact Sheet Five with a quarterly readership of some 40,000 mostly young people, appeared the last week in November. The second, The Eccentric Monthly with an audience of 110,000 on five college campuses in central Virginia (including Radford University), appeared the first week in December. The big battles over promoting the site in the college press and media has not been joined yet. The forces lined up to oppose to oppose us are huge, and better organized than ever before. It’s going to be interesting. How will I get past them and around them and through their middle this time? Stay tuned. The next exciting chapter is coming soon.

And don’t forget — if you want print outs of any of the articles listed above from the CODOH Website, I can send them to you.

My best wishes for the holidays and all the coming year.


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